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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Erika Toda, Manami Higa and Yui Aragaki: "Code Blue" mag spreads/screenshots #1

 Weekends are usually jam packed with new happenings to post about, not so this weekend which happens now and again. That's okay as I like to do different things and think(know) this may be part of a series. Kind of a spur of the moment post as there was nothing else to post about but with the news of season three of "Code Blue" thought a post or actually series of posts was in order.
 Haven't done many posts for this drama in the past, did a few with Manami screenshots and a few promo events but never did end up reviewing the series. Figured there's enough of them out there and this is the kind of show I prefer just to watch instead of worrying about what a recap will consist of.
 No doubt there hasn't been such a terrific trio in a drama before this one and probably not since, can't think of a threesome that can top these ultra hot gals. Watched season one because at the time my top two faves were this duo....

.... but it was Manami who somehow outshone them, wow did I fall for her instantly. Screenshots are from the second season which I liked so much better, nothing wrong with the first season at all but season two is possibly in my all time top five. You didn't see Erika with Manami at all in either season, think I can count the scenes on one hand though she did appear with Gakky on occasion, both come from Okinawa.

 This won't be as big of a post as the ones coming up, as I said it was a spur of the moment idea so didn't have much time to accumulate things but do have some mag spreads which I don't think have been posted before. This first post will be for season one mag spreads which aired in 2008. Future posts will have more spreads but also some promo events, more screenshots and whatever else is available including videos.
 Now I really want to watch both seasons again, have watched both at least ten times but bet it's been two years since the last time. On to a few 2008 spreads which is when season one aired and these are from the August 16th issue of TV Pia which also feature the two other main characters.

  Smallish pics from the June 21st TV Weekly.

 Will stop with those two for now, wasn't too prepared for this post but wanted to break the ice as I have a hard time starting things, once the first post is done the rest seem so much easier. Here's a few more screenshots of Erika and Gakky from season two, skipping Manami for now as there's four(?) posts of them from both seasons already.

1 comment:

  1. I love Erika Toda and Yui Aragaki. (I first saw Erika Toda in Death Note while Yui in Legal High)

    As for Manami, I first saw her in Code Blue. I find her pretty and talented too.

    Since Code Blue 3 is coming out, I can't wait to see them together with other casts.

    What I love about Erika is that she can act weird and normal depending on the character. Not to mention the liar game which she appears timid or innocent. (Ah...the name of your blog!... ah i see!)
    She perfectly ace her character - Nao.

    Anyway, I wish they had more time for themselves and enjoy being themselves. I hope you still update your blog!