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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Marie Iitoyo: "Girls in the Dark" movie screening pics and trailer

 Been seeing Marie at quite a few events this year, bet close to ten of them already. She is truly the kawaiiest gal around these days and wish we could see more pics of her in mags or different things. Someone made a comment recently that she looks a lot like Gakky and that assessment is right on the mark, both are also tall as Marie is 66 inches in height while Gakky is 67 inches.

 Perhaps a future comparison post is in the works as these days they do look like sisters though Marie is nine years younger. Her next film is titled "Girls in the Dark" which will be released on April 1st. Seems to an interesting film as Marie playing Itsumi dies when she falls off a school roof and the mystery is was she pushed or did she jump along with a few other mysterious happenings.
 Her co-star in the film is Fumika Shimizu, her recent life has been quite odd as she's retired from the entertainment industry to join a cult religious group. It was a big story for a week or so but has died down as she's disappeared from view.
 On March 12th there was the first screening for the film with the director and other staff who didn't join a cult. The event took place at the Japan Publishing Club Hall in Shinjuku, Marie looked superb and as you can tell she is a tall woman and a thin one too. Hopefully she'll be doing a lot of promo work for the film as we really need many more pics of her, following these you can view the film's trailer.

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