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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Code Blue drama season one: Episode four screenshots and mini recap

 Air Dates: July 3 to September 11, 2008 on Fuji-TV Average rating: 15.6%

Main Cast: 

Tomohisa Yamashita as Kousaka Aizawa.... doctor in training
Erika Toda as Mihoko Hiyama.... doctor in training
Yui Aragaki: Megumi Shiraishi.... doctor in training
Manami Higa as Haruka Saejima.... nurse
Yosuke Asari as Kazuo Fujikawa.... doctor in training
Toshiro Yanagiba as Shuji Kuroda.... head doctor
Kiyoshi Kodama as Yoshiaki Tadakoro.... hospital director
Masanobu Katsumura as Tadashi Morimoto.... doctor
Ryo as Kanna Mitsu.... doctor
Susumu Terajima as Toshi Kaji.... helicoper pilot
Tetta Sugimoto as Susumu Saejou.... doctor

Will make this post much shorter than the previous few, the purpose for these posts was to just give a quick overview of an episode and not give a regular length review. That hasn't worked out so will attempt to make this one much shorter, plus don't want to do this to the readers....

.... this is also Erika's 299th post. That milestone of 300 has been only attained once so want to have a regular post for #300. That means will hold off on these recaps until she's hit that 300 mark, don't think it will be a long wait as I do have a new mag spread for her and she also has a film coming out in a few weeks which should mean many new pics.
 May as well start off with her character who is Hiyama. She seems to have settled down quite nicely as a doctor, the head doctor Kuroda seems to trust her more than any other doctor in training. Hiyama is the first one to go on the Doctor Heli two days in a row. Her first flight in episode two didn't go too smoothly as she froze up at an accident site and was unable to help a pregnant victim.

 Since that mishap Hiyama has been nothing but perfect in her duties and Kuroda has really been trusting her in the ER. There was one minor problem this show for Hiyama but it wasn't anything to do with her medical abilities. There was a young man of 21 who had been brought into the ER, he had hurt himself badly jumping into a shallow river. The doctors did everything they could but weren't able to fully help him.
 No, the patient didn't die but is paralyzed from the neck down. Hiyama had such a difficult time telling this to the patient, his mother and friends. He had been an avid football player and his dream was to become a pro. Hiyama just couldn't bear to tell a 21 year old that he would be spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair unable to move, really can't blame her for that as we all may have difficulties telling someone that. She did eventually tell him the horrible news and as expected he he didn't take it so well.

 Bit of a quiet episode for Shiraishi, she was the flight doctor in waiting but no emergency calls had come in. She blew it badly on her first flight too but has redeemed herself as she is so knowledgeable about the medical field. Shiraishi's one patient was Miyamoto who was a middle aged man that came in complaining of nausea and dizziness.
 It's been discovered that he's had many operations on his stomach and the doctors have never been able to find out what was wrong with him. Same thing happened this time around as Miyamoto was spitting up blood, x-rays and all tests couldn't find the source of his problems and even Kuroda was stumped. Many years before this Miyamoto had lost his wife and child in a fire, he survived but were there any after effects?
 The answer was no so he was admitted to the Shouhoku hospital. Eventually the root of the problem was discovered and it was by accident. Miyamoto had been draining his blood(!), he used that to make himself look like he was vomiting blood. Kuroda said it's a syndrome called Munchausen where a person thinks they are always sick or tries to give that impression to others. So his problem was solved and a big help in doing that belonged to Fujikawa.

 Our resident goofball Fujikawa pulled off his biggest boner to date and it was a whopper. As the doctors were trying to revive a person in the ER Fujikawa touched the person while it was going on, that's in the top pic above. Fujikawa immediately went into cardiac arrest and the staff had to work urgently to save his life. Afterwards he was admitted to the hospital and eventually ended up sharing a room with Miyamoto.
 That screw up in the ER may have caused a lot of damage to Fujikawa's career at the hospital. Kuroda told him he has no future as a doctor at the hospital and it may be better if he sought employment at a different place. Fujikawa was naturally quite dejected, what made it worse was that his mother heard the lecture that Kuroda gave him. Won't talk about her but Fujikawa's mother was in many scenes during this episode, he told her he was doing fantastic when the opposite was true. But he did help solve the mystery of Miyamoto plus he refused to take Kuroda's advice, he's going to stay at the hospital and ride Doctor Heli if it's the last thing he does.

 It was also kind of a quite episode for Aizawa. He has the best ability of any of the four doctors in training, he's impressively saved two lives already. However he does have a problem with his personality or should I say lack of it. In this episode instead of being assigned to the ER or helicopter Kuroda has given the assignment of discharging patients.
 The hospital is coming close to being booked up so he needs to clear some beds, Kuroda also thought this would be a good chance for Aizawa to work on his communication skills with the patients. He's the one who has to speak the most with Fujikawa's mother, he doesn't come out and say it to her but to Aizawa Fujikawa is useless as a doctor though by the end of the episode he's changing his opinion on that. We also learn a little of his background, Aizawa's parents are both dead and he was raised by a grandmother. She'll be in many upcoming episodes and to me that was the only drawback to this first season as her story seemed to drag on too long.

 It was actually a quiet episode for three of the five regulars, all except for Hiyama and Fujikawa. We did see more of the other characters, many roles aren't too huge but will introduce them if/when needed. Unsure if this was as short as planned but hopefully enough details were given out with revealing too much, not taking as many screenshots helped to male it shorter.
 Season three starts in less than four months so that should mean many other posts for this series. Sure there will be many new mag spreads featuring our trio of beauties along with a few events, interviews and other things. As mentioned above will be back with the recap for the fifth episode once I do one solo post for Erika and hopefully that will be very soon.

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