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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nogizaka46: "Influencer" single news....

 That's the lineup for the group's 17th single, biggest one they've had to date as 21 members are on the A-side. All of the members also have songs and videos on the single, usually they're grouped in combos from 3-5 members. The Undergirls have a tune too along with the new third generation members and there's videos for their songs too. Problem is that there's five versions so you have to buy all five for all of the songs and videos, don't know why they couldn't have an album with all of the songs.
 Biggest question is will the single crack the one million mark? According to Oricon Nogi's last single hasn't though some other sources say it has, I always refer to the Oricon charts so have always used their sales figures. Last year's three singles really exploded as far as sales go, up until 2016 only one single had cracked the 700,000 copies sold mark. Here's a look back at the singles from last year.

Harujion ga Saku Koro

Center: Mai F.(graduated)

First week sales: 772,000

Total sales: 830,000

Release date: March 23rd

Hadashi de Summer

Center: Asuka

First week sales: 728,000

Total sales: 856,000

Release date: July 27th

 Sayonara no Imi

Center: Nanami(graduated)

First week sales: 893,700

Total sales: ~965,000

Release date: November 9th

 As you can see the first week sales for 'Hadashi' were lower than the previous single though it did end up selling more copies. Two of the singles had a member about to graduate which no doubt helped sales out a bit. No impending graduations for "Influencer" but for the second time Mai and Nanase are co-centers for a single.

 Personally have no idea what the sales for this single will be, would have to think with the success of these recent photobooks that they would help out the sales. Wouldn't think they would top the million mark in week one but it's be great if it could reach seven figures after a few weeks or it's first month. AKB's sales have really decreased over the last few years though the singles still sell over a million copies, be nice if Nogi could hit that mark to put some pressure on them.
 Above pics are the covers for the single, will save the new mag spreads promoting the single for the group's next mag post. Do have much more about the single such as some pics from the CD's, these are part one and will have the others coming up soon and there are plenty of Undergirl pics here.

 Of course there's already been many appearances on music shows for the single and there will be many more of them in the upcoming weeks. The group always looks so sharp on TV but my one complaint is that they rarely perform the entire song, usually a minute or two is chopped out. Screenshots here are from last Thursday's Music Station show.

 Screenshots here are from Saturday's CDTV show. Was going to post one of the videos with them performing the new single but close to 100% of the time they end up getting deleted from YT so doesn't make much sense having one. However after the pics there is a short video with the two centers Mai and Nanase promoting the single. They're not in it for too long but there's clips from the new video along with some from their older singles.

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