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Friday, March 17, 2017

Nogizaka46: The 'Nanami Hashimoto post' #79- few oddball items from 2012....

 Would like to do at least a weekly post for Nanami these next few months to keep the spirit of her alive but it's not going to be easy. She has the most posts here though many are group ones but if you include her solo posts then the pic count is somewhere between 3-4,000, don't ask me to count them! The above are some bridal pics, working on a post for that theme for her and some other members.
 Think I can keep these up for a while though the posts won't be too huge to stretch them out a bit, do have some recent things which I'll be posting about but mainly they'll be for older happenings. Nogi nor Nanami wasn't nearly as popular back in 2012-13 as they are these days so it's a bit difficult finding events or other things to post about. Perhaps I can get support from her....

.... hopefully won't need her blood, I don't have any either as one of her Nogi comrades has sucked most of mine already!

 Have two things from 2012 which hadn't been posted yet though I think some group pics from this first event may have been. These pics are from an April 20th event for HTC phones, Nogi used to do a lot of promo work for them and even traveled to Taiwan to support their Butterfly phone. A comparison post too between then and now would be interesting as Nanami's looks have really changed over the years.

 The group between 2012-14 did many pictorials for the Natalie site, most of them were for a series called 'Power Push' Most members ended up doing simple spreads for them but others like Nanami had a theme for their features. This one has her in a library, probably because at the time she was a student at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo. She was there until 2014 but left because her Nogi activities took up too much of her time, wonder if she's thinking of going back to college?

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