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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Code Blue drama season one: Episode one screenshots and mini recap

 Air Dates: July 3 to September 11, 2008 on Fuji-TV Average rating: 15.6%

Main Cast: 

Tomohisa Yamashita as Kousaka Aizawa.... doctor in training
Erika Toda as Mihoko Hiyama.... doctor in training
Yui Aragaki: Megumi Shiraishi.... doctor in training
Manami Higa as Haruka Saejima.... nurse
Yosuke Asari as Kazuo Fujikawa.... doctor in training
Toshiro Yanagiba as Shuji Kuroda.... head doctor
Kiyoshi Kodama as Yoshiaki Tadakoro.... hospital director
Masanobu Katsumura as Tadashi Morimoto.... doctor
Ryo as Kanna Mitsu.... doctor
Susumu Terajima as Toshi Kaji.... helicoper pilot
Tetta Sugimoto as Susumu Saejou.... doctor

Not going to give regular recaps for this series, figured there's probably enough out there but also this isn't a series you need to read about.... it needs to be watched! Thought I'd do these mini posts for all of the episodes, there were eleven each in the first two seasons plus a TV movie. Out of nowhere it was announced last week that a third season would be airing starting in July, don't think there were any rumors beforehand.
 What I'll do for these posts is many screenshots for you to follow the story plus will give a short breakdown of what happened in each episode and to introduce the main characters for you. But am going to mainly concentrate on Erika, Manami and Yui, the first and third names were what got me to watch this series but it's so good would have watched it regardless of who was in it.

Mihoko Hiyama: The four doctors to be in this drama all started on the same day, Erika was 19 when it started which seems to be a bit young and she's been going to medical school for a while. Like all of the four Hiyama is really gung-ho at first but isn't given too many important tasks in this first show, her main duty was to contact the family of an older woman about to have an operation. Took her a while but she did eventually accomplish the task, did impress her supervisor as it was much harder than expected.

Megumi Shiraishi: Her parents are both doctors and one reason for her wanting to train on the Doctor Heli is because her town/area also wants to have one. Megumi is the first one to ride on the helicopter and she flubbed her first opportunity big time. There was a motorcycle accident, going to the scene she appeared fine as she was in control and asked the right questions to the people at the scene. However when it came to saving the young man Megumi froze up at the sight of his blood and was unable to be of any assistance. That was a big black mark on her to start off with though she slowly starts redeeming herself towards the end of the show.

 Haruka Saejima: She's a nurse and slightly older than the doctors in training. Haruka is very serious in her work and doesn't put up with anything, there's a fabulous scene later on in this season between her and Megumi where Haruka really puts her down. We don't meet him for a while but Haruka has an ex-boyfriend, ex as he's now in a wheelchair but we don't know much about him until the second season. Not too much of Manami in the first 3-4 episodes though her role does grow to be much bigger, good thing too as she looks fantastic as always and this was the first show I saw her in.

 Forgot how good this series was, just viewed the first episode once again and highly recommend watching the drama if you haven't yet. Of the four doctors in training Aizawa is the one who is most capable, he gets a turn on the heli and was able to save a victim at a factory though he had to amputate his arm at the accident scene. Fuikawa is a bit of a goofball, he screws up most things but tries harder than anyone else but perhaps he has to because he's so incompetent.
 As these posts go on will introduce you to the other main characters and get more into the three I've already talked about. Most of this first episode was us getting to know the characters, they're in training but get thrown right into the action though except for Aizawa they're not much of a help. Have plenty of screenshots of this unbeatable trio from this first episode, season three starts in July which means I'll try to do three posts every two weeks which should bring us to July.

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