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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nogizaka46: A little of this and that for 2917 #4....

 Manatsu's first photobook came out yesterday, above is a promo pic from it and it looks like it's another PB that is going to be much better then we expected. Haven't heard if there will be some sort of event for it but wouldn't shock me if there is one for it this weekend, actually would be very surprised if there wasn't an event.
 In exactly one week Reika will release her first photobook and I'm looking forward to it. She was my first fave Nogi member but has dropped out of my top ten. Not really her fault as so many other members have had such a big push, was glad when management chose her over others for a PB and think it's going to be an excellent set of pics.

 Doubt if either of those books will approach the sales of Asuka and Mai but would think they'll both be solid sellers. Sales figures for the previous week don't come out until Thursday but bet Asuka's first PB will be in the top five again as in it's first three weeks it's been in the #1, 1, 4 positions and soon it'll be the third Nogi PB to hit the 100 K mark for sales.

 Asuka held an event on January 25th for the PB which was also the date of it's release. On February 28th there was another mini event for it at a Rakuen bookstore in Tokyo.

 More Asuka here and sure her huge amount of fans will like these pics. There's one mag spread for today which feature two members, these pics are from the April issue of BLT. Asuka's set is a special 'graduation feature' which they have for Idols graduating high school, she's the youngest of the first generation members.

 Other BLT spread belongs to Mai Shinuchi who I truly, truly like. She finished eighth on my fave Nogi members list and I'm glad we're seeing so much more of her these last few months. The upcoming "Influencer" single will be her second in a row as a Senbatsu member. As usual her set of pics are very conservative but she looks so fabulous to me in them.

 Not that my opinion carries any weight in the world but I think the next graduation of a popular member will sadly be Erika. Seems as though she doesn't need Nogi as much these days and has really curtailed her activities the last year. She'll be in the second row for the next single and it doesn't bother her at all as she has so many other outside projects going on. If she does leave let's hope another PB is in the works as her first one was such a pleasant surprise.

 Erika's main projects outside of Nogi have been musical plays. Currently she's starring in "Romeo and Juliet" and on May 21st her next play "Les Miserables" will be opening. The play is scheduled to be performed until September which will really cut into her group activities. Erika is really in high demand for these plays and it's because she's so talented, not because she's a member of Nogi. Also if you think about it how many people who attend plays are J-Pop fans?
 On February 28th Erika was at a press conference for the new play. The event took place at the Imperial Theater in Tokyo which is also where the play will have it's opening night. Some fine Erika pics here from the event and also there's a video of it after the pics.

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