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Friday, March 24, 2017

Nogizaka46: A little of this and that for 2017 #8....

 After finding that magic lamp my genie has granted my two wishes so far. First it was Nanami having a second photobook, still in shock over some of the pics. Seeing how that wish work tried one more, knew no one in the world deserved a photobook more than Misa so thought I'd try my second wish for one. And quicker than saying Presto! the news was released two days ago that there will finally, finally, finally be a PB for her!
 That book will be coming out on April 25th, it won't be her first one as she did have a PB before she joined Nogi. Back in 2011 Misa was the Miss Magazine Girl of the year, she was 18 at the time and just turned 24 this January. That means we should be seeing so much more of Misa in the upcoming weeks as there should be plenty of mag spreads promoting the book, two early pics from it have already come out.

 That leaves me with one wish left, won't use it for a photobook but perhaps something a bit more private....

 Am on the Oricon site right now and have been adding up the sales of the member's photobooks since January 25th, that was the date of Asuka's first PB and also the first Nogi one of the year. Since that date there's been five books released and here's a rough total of the sales:

Mai 'Passport'- 164,000
Asuka 'Shiosai'- 82,700
Nanami '2017'- 74,600
Manatsu 'Manatsu no Kiatsu Haichi'- 41,200
Reika 'Jiyu to Iukoto'- 32,600

 That's a grand total of 395,000 photobooks sold in six weeks plus Nanase's second one continues to sell well and has probably sold over 15,000 copies during that time. Sure those above books will keep selling and with two more coming out this year Nogi will no doubt set a record for most Idol books sold in a year.

 Lot of news for this post, besides the above tidbits it was just announced there will be an eighth season of 'NOGIBINGO!, that will be starting on April 11th. Even though Misa was the assistant MC for the last season the twelve shows were only so-so, still prefer the first three seasons.
 On to more good news for the "Influencer" single. First day sales were the highest for the group as the single sold 743,000 copies, day two remained strong selling over 60,000 copies. Selling 200,000 more in this week seems like a tall order but the single will probably hit the million mark within the next two weeks. Few days ago posted many pics from the single's mini book, here's part two of them.

 Who would have thought 3-4 years ago Nogi would be this huge? Not me and I'll bet most people but they're easily the biggest group in J-Pop right now, what they need to do is outsell an AKB single and this current one has a chance to do that.
 The Undergirls will be having their own concerts next month, they're scheduled for April 20th to the 22nd. Will be a good chance for the third generation members to make a name for themselves and a few of the longer term UG members, with so many graduations expected in the next few years there should be many openings to be a Senbatsu member. Hopefully that also means the Senbatsus will also be performing in a few shows and we don't have to wait for their Summer tour.
 Last December the group did a promo campaign for Shibuya 109 which is a clothing store and they also have an online site, here's the address: 109news.jp/shibuya/20170315/88071
Copy that address into your browser to bring you to their site as the group has started another campaign with the store. Have a huge amount of pics here but there are more at the site along with a few comments from the members.


  1. Misa has gotten her PB, i can now die in peace...until i found out she came to Australia...and i think it was Sydney...that's where i am...i cry TT. Just wanna say i like reading your blogs man. Love ya from Sydney Nao ya legend :)

  2. Thanks for the comment but at least wait until the book comes out before you die peacefully....