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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Jurina Matsui: Happy 20th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Most of my top ten faves have been way too quiet this year, four so far haven't even had a post yet. Jurina is one who hasn't been quiet and have already done many posts for her this year and think there will be many more coming up. No new mag spreads but have so many new pics for this year which haven't been posted until today, think if you're a fan this post is for you. For a change am a tad early for a b-day, it doesn't take place until tomorrow but it's tomorrow where she is.
 If you're not a fan hopefully we can turn you into one. Jurina finished 9th last year on my top twenty faves list and currently would have to say after ten weeks she's taken over the top spot, kind of wish she had it last year but she is a bit young so good to let her elders have one final crack at topping her. It just came to mind but Mai may have a word to say on who my #1 will be, she could be but then again she's not even my fave Nogi member yet.

 Those above are from the "Cabasuka Gakuen" drama which aired last Autumn. It was an enjoyable series, it was the sixth season of "Majisuka Gakuen" but for a change this show was set in a hostess club. So far no news on a seventh season but would imagine there will be one. Jurina also had the lead role in the drama "Death Cash". That show aired last Summer and it was one of my faves from last year, she's turned into a solid actress, not great yet but getting there.

 Jurina's current drama is another AKB show which is titled "Tofu Pro Wrestling", as you may have guessed the show is about wrestling. Will be recapping the entire series but am waiting to see how many episodes there will be. So far eight have aired and five of them have been subbed but have heard the drama will be on the air until June(!). If that's the case then that means there will be at least twenty episodes, once I hear more will let you know in Jurina's next post.

 The drama started on January 21st and airs on TV Asahi. In the show Jurina is part of a tag team called Powerstones, her nickname is Hollywood. Jurina's tag team partner is Haruka, that's them in the above bottom pic and the first one below. On January 13th there was a press conference for the drama where there was a bit of wrestling thrown in, the action you see in the show is so-so at best. Once again Sakura has the lead role in an AKB drama as a high school senior who is training with many others to become a wrestler.

 Since January Jurina has been a model for Heather Diary which is an online Japanese clothing site. Each Monday new pics are released, think next week will be her final week as the actresses and Idols they have are just featured for eight weeks. Have some fine pics here from the last two weeks, six for February 27th and seven for March 6th which are the ones for this week.

 SKE just released their second album two weeks ago, have it and it has been a fine listen as expected. My complaint is that it's a three CD set, there's thirty songs and they easily could have fit all on two discs. There's ten new songs along with the group's twenty singles dating back to 2009. Like the first album it was #2 on the Oricon charts it's first week out, would have expected it to hit the top spot. Sales for "Kakumei no Oka" were 99.600 copies sold, first album sold 110,600 in it's first week.
 SKE single releases have really slowed down and have no idea why, they've only put out two since August 2015. Hoping that means there will at least three for this year, don't know if I'm in the minority but have enjoyed their songs much more than the ones from AKB. Jurina still appears on AKB singles but no longer in concert, she made the decision to just perform with SKE about a year ago though she's still on the PV's for the singles.

 Jurina has a Twitter account and is very active with it. She makes at least one entry a day and has uploaded too many pics to count on the site. Looks like Jurina is going to keep her hair that color until the drama has finished filming.

 Turned out to be quite a long post, enjoy doing ones like this so much more than posts devoted to just mag spreads. Have one more minor thing but know all want to enjoy some ultra fabulous perfect pics of Jurina from the last two years.

 Jurina appeared in the March issue of BLT, posted those scans about a month ago. There's a behind the scenes video for the photo shoot but it's sadly not at their YT site....

 .... so have a short promo video of Jurina promoting her first photobook which came out in September 2015. A second PB released in 2017 would definitely make my year or should I say all of our years.

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  1. I love Jurina, I loved the post, thanks JurinaWota <3