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Friday, March 10, 2017

Nogizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #16 and more with.... Erika Ikuta!

 ZZZZZZZ.... hope Erika is taking advantage of a mini break as she hasn't had one of those for a while. Though the posts for her here have slowed down she hasn't as Erika has been busier than ever lately, more on her activities later on in the post. I've had the "Girls in the Psychic Club" film for well over a year now and have only skimmed through it. Held out hope for a long time that it would be subbed but think that faint hope has come to an end. Still plan on watching the movie and doing a post or two for it here but without subs won't be as detailed of a review.

 In case you need a desktop calendar for March and April can't think of too many better ones to get your date from or in her case with!πŸ˜‰

 When I first started following Nogi I wasn't that big of an Erika fan, for the most part I neither liked nor disliked her. These days I have become a huge fan and she's inching up higher on my fave members list every day. Think one reason I didn't care too much for her at first is because she wasn't in Nogi at the time! A few years ago Erika took a leave to concentrate on her studies meaning I got to know the other members so much better.
 Also her age may have had something to do with it, at the time she was just sixteen. Erika is now twenty and though younger than most Senbatsu members she's really not too young, the last two years she's blossomed better than any other member.
 Erika is also the most talented in the group, what a superb piano player she is along with being a solid actress and singer as she's really in demand these days for outside projects. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if she's the next key Nogi member to announce their graduation, hope her mate's leaving didn't put the idea in her head quite yet.

 They'd make for a fine 'pairs post' but throughout Nogi's history really haven't noticed them together enough. Erika does an okay job keeping her blog updated, doesn't do an entry every day but at least 2-3 a week. My only complaint is the pics she posts, she does have a lot of them but rarely does she have pics just of her. These ones from the last few weeks are all with other people, bottom ones are from her "Romeo and Juliet" play while the top two are from you-know-who's graduation.

 The "Romeo and Juliet" play ended on March 5th but it's not going to be a long break between plays. Erika's next one will be "Les Miserables" which opens in Tokyo on May 25 and will be at the Imperial Theater until July. Then the play hits the road travelling to Osaka, Fukuoka and Aichi. Erika is gong to be one busy gal then as Nogi's new single comes out on March 22nd. She may never have tome to rest as the group will be on so many music shows, as a matter of fact they're performing "Influencer" for the first time tonight on the Music Station show.
 Plus there must be a lot of rehearsing for the play along with interviews, mag spreads, etc. for the play and for Nogi. What I'm wondering is will Erika be available for the group's Summer tour. They always do a mini one with about 15 or so shows in July and August, the play is going until early October. That may mean she won't be appearing at all of the concerts which is a depressing thought, hope she doesn't get too burnt out with all she has coming up.
 On to the mag spread and it's just the one but it could be the biggest Nogi spread to date as there's thirty pics in the set. Kind of conservative compared to the group's recent spreads but that's okay by ne and her fans as Erika looks better than superb in all of her pics. This set is from volume 130 of Quick Japan, it's a bit of a history of her from the last five years with the group and for her plays.

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