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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nogizaka46: 'Tokyo Girls Collection' Spring/Summer show pics from March 25th

 Not going to babble on and on like I usually do, there's over a hundred pics which is close to a record and there could have been more. Nogi almost always shows up at events like these, wonder if it's a coincidence that their singles are usually released right around when these events take place? Of course this was the first time the group was at an event without....

.... wonder what's going on in her life now? Wish she was serious with that At least there's Nao thought.Ten members took a stroll on the catwalk which is the most ever for the group. The event was held March 25th at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo, had to be over a hundred actresses, Idols and models in attendance but the big star of the show was naturally Nogi.
 The group was also the winner of the show's 'Best Influencer Award', which is also the title of their current single, hmmmm. There's also an TGC Autumn/Winter show held in October which Nogi also participates in, sometimes I think there's also another Summer show.
 On to the pics and as mentioned there's a huge amount of them. The award for most pics of course goes to Mai who took two strolls on the catwalk. To me the best two lookers were Misa, she's just so incredible and she'll be proving that to the world when her photobook comes out on April 25th. Deserving of a PB is Miona, bet it's just a matter of time until it happens though then again that's also wishful thinking on my part.

 Those three are always in attendance at these fashion shows, sometimes they also make solo appearances at other shows. Think the member that does it the most is Hinako, she finished 4th on my 'Top Ten Nogi' list last year and with a PB coming out she may move up at least a spot.
 These members also always take a stroll on the catwalk at these fashion shows, naturally Nanase was there and her popularity is only eclipsed by one member. Two more members who also appear quite often at these shows are Asuka and Sayuri, she's one of the few first generation members who haven't had a PB yet.

 Last trio are members who aren't often at these shows, Erika wasn't in attendance due to her stage play which may be the first time she hasn't been on the catwalk. With her first photobook selling well of course Reika took a stroll, wonder if they sell books or other Nogi stuff at these shows? Following her pics is Minami who I've seen at the shows a few times but not too often.
 This many be the first time Yumi has been at a TGC show or at least taking a stroll on the catwalk. She's been with the group since day one but she may be the easiest member to overlook. After their pics are some group ones and they were also doing some promoting for Shibuya 109 clothing, they just started a new campaign for them recently. Checked on YT but didn't find any videos there, Nogi videos at events aren't easy to find and they usually get deleted rather quickly.

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