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Friday, March 17, 2017

Code Blue drama season one: Episode two screenshots and mini recap

 Air Dates: July 3 to September 11, 2008 on Fuji-TV Average rating: 15.6%

Main Cast: 

Tomohisa Yamashita as Kousaka Aizawa.... doctor in training
Erika Toda as Mihoko Hiyama.... doctor in training
Yui Aragaki: Megumi Shiraishi.... doctor in training
Manami Higa as Haruka Saejima.... nurse
Yosuke Asari as Kazuo Fujikawa.... doctor in training
Toshiro Yanagiba as Shuji Kuroda.... head doctor
Kiyoshi Kodama as Yoshiaki Tadakoro.... hospital director
Masanobu Katsumura as Tadashi Morimoto.... doctor
Ryo as Kanna Mitsu.... doctor
Susumu Terajima as Toshi Kaji.... helicoper pilot
Tetta Sugimoto as Susumu Saejou.... doctor

Once again I'm going to start off saying forgot how good this series is and somehow the second season is even better. Makes me and others realize too how far Japanese dramas have sunk over the last five years, very few these days are nearly as fast paced or interesting as this series. As mentioned in the first post am just going to give some brief recaps of the episodes as there are probably many reviews of the drama already on the web.
 The third season will be starting up in exactly four months which is the reason for posting about this older show, getting close to nine years since it aired. If you haven't seen it put it on your list of shows to watch, it should be at the top of that list. All eleven episodes were very good but this one here along with a few towards the end are are my faves, this one was extremely top notch.

 Mihoko(Erika) and Megumi(Yui) are friends on the show, they both started at the Shouhoku hospital on the same day. However Megumi is definitely one of those goody two shoes type of person, three times in this show she gets referred as being like that. All of those comments were correct as she really is like that, Megumi doesn't like to say anything bad about anyone or create tension even if it's needed.
 This scene I thought was in a later episode but was in this show and it's one of the best ones for the first season. Megumi tries to befriend nurse Haruka(Manami) who has been at the hospital for a while. She suggests they drop the honorifics as they're around the same age, once again Megumi is trying to please everyone. Haruka though explodes at her suggestion, she's one dedicated nurse and thinks all of the doctors and staff should keep their minds 100% on their work.
 Haruka starts ripping into Megumi and really lets her have it badly. Haruka tells her what she thinks of her and Megumi's incompetent cohorts who also just started at the hospital. Haruka had wanted to become a doctor but for a reason we don't know of yet was unable to do so and became a nurse. She's furious at Megumi and the others for not always putting 100% into their work, Megumi eventually has to plead with her to stop. The scene only lasted about a minute but was quite powerful, here's all of the screenshots from it.

 Shortly after that Haruka and Megumi meet up in an elevator, There Megumi asks if she has a boyfriend, Haruka's reply is that she doesn't as he's dead! Won't give away the spoilers yet but the boyfriend actually isn't dead, two years prior he became paralyzed so in Haruka's mind he is dead.
 Megumi's other big part of this episode had to deal with a patient named Eiko. She was rushed to the hospital as she had fallen down some stairs and broken her nose. But it was confusing that only her nose was broken, she had no other injuries on her body. Aizawa was able to deduce that her nose was broken by a punch, a left handed punch at that. Just so happens that Eiko's boyfriend is also left handed and now it's a matter of whether they should report the incident to the police.
 There was no need to as Megumi had a chat with the pair, it's true the boyfriend broke her nose but it wasn't what it seemed. Eiko thought she had a disgusting nose and thought by breaking it it would fix it or perhaps an operation at the hospital would. So he ended up breaking her nose, strange kind of compassion but she had pleaded with him to do it. However she'll have to live with her nose as it is, she won't be getting an operation so her only other recourse would be plastic surgery.

 The goofball doctor in training Fujikawa seems to attract his fair share of oddballs in most episodes. A patient was rushed to the emergency room with an undisclosed major internal injury. When the staff tried to take off his shirt he rebelled violently, eventually it came off to reveal he was wearing a bra! Had to feel for him as that had to be quite embarrassing. patients like that get sent to Fujikawa.
 He couldn't convince the patient to go in for a body scan, it was the only way to determine what his injury was. The patients relents and says he will if Fuikawa also wears a bra. He does but the patient reneges on their deal but eventually Fujikawa is able to persuade him to take the scan. His methods didn't make the head doctor Kuroda too happy, he just doesn't like Fujikawa in the least.
 However Kuroda is impressed with Aizawa who shows more skill than the other three doctors in training have combined. Aizawa does make a major mistake as the previous night he had sent home an elderly patient from the ER, he thought her pain was from a toothache. It was but there was also more than that as the woman came back to the hospital the next day and passed out in a restroom, now she's in critical condition and it wouldn't have happened if Aizawa had shown more care.

 Aizawa does redeem himself by the end of the show as the patient eventually wakes up and is in recovery, he learned his lesson the hard way. But he also helped out Mihoko in a huge way, after his blunder she's taken his place on Doctor Heli. Mihoko is quite confident, she's a bit like Megumi as she tries to please everyone.
 Doctor Heli travels to Makuhari, that's in Chiba where the drama takes place. At first there was just one victim who was a young woman but she was pregnant, she had fallen down trying to avoid a boy riding a bicycle. At the scene though there were two injured as the boy had fallen off his bike and was in serious condition. Mitsu was the other doctor with Mihoko, she left the woman in her care. But like Megumi before her Mihoko froze up at the sight of blood, nurse Haruka kept her wits about her but Mihoko was useless and said she couldn't help the victim.
 Mitsu ended up calling the hospital and Aizawa was rushed out to the scene, he ended up saving the day but so far both woman doctors in training have panicked at an accident scene. Everything ended up well as both victims were treated and sent to the hospital but both Megumi and Mihoko need to shape up and do it quickly! Mihiko's somewhat punishment was to do paperwork, the staff left her enough of it for a month which brought us to the end of the episode.

 Ended up being a bit longer than I expected, almost the length of a regular drama recap. That's okay as I enjoy writing about shows I really love and this one is near the top of my faves list. Will be back in a few days with the third episode, the series gets so much better with each episode though as mentioned above this was one of the best from this first season.
 The third season starts in July but as of now don't know how much of the cast will be returning. The four young doctors that the show revolves around will all be back along with Manami as Haruka. But beside them haven't heard anything yet, may make it more interesting if it's a new setting and many new faces in the cast.


  1. You are tempting me a lot with all these Manami posts! I like her and have a Manami Higa folder for her pictures, but I'm not a fan of hospital shows :(

    By the way, Horikita Maki retired from acting :'(

  2. Not a fan of hospital dramas either but this one is quite different than a regular one, that's probably why the ratings were so high and really do recommend both seasons.

    Maki made that announcement a few weeks ago but we haven't seen her do much of anything these last two years. Wouldn't doubt if it's just a mini break and that she'll be back acting within a few years.

  3. I ended up downloading the Code Blue drama

    I hope she returns. I always expected to see her grow old as I grow old, watching her being cast as older and older characters :(

  4. Know you'll enjoy viewing it, especially the last few episodes. There's a movie which connects the first and second seasons.

  5. Is it a movie or a special? I downloaded the 2 seasons from Avistaz and the first season had a special included

  6. Said movie but guess you could also call it a special, that's what I was referring to. Manami's role isn't too big for the first five or so episodes but her character is a key one, it does get bigger as the season goes on.
    To me the best drama Manami has been in, somehow even better than this show, is 'Maijo Saiban' which aired in 2009. It's also known as 'The Witch Trial' and I've honestly watched it at least twenty times as it's that good.