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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

C-ute: Final concert pics #1....

 Two blog pics the gals took after the performance, actually could have devoted this whole post for them as there's so many. Not going to draw this out as I haven't watched this concert yet but plan on watching about half of it this weekend, did skim through it and it's amazing. Need to stretch it out a bit as this is sadly the last time we'll ever see the fivesome together or at least in concert.

 That's Tsunku in the above pic, he was the founder of C-ute back in 2005. He wrote almost all their singles up until 2015, he had some health problems so he only wrote one song for them the last two years. You can really notice the difference as his songs were just so terrific as he seemed to know what the members could sing and dance to the best.

 There were many breaks during the show as there was some reminiscing that naturally took place. Above is the group with Yuko Nakazawa who was the first Hello Project leader. Next to her is Sayumi who was the leader before Maimi who held the position until late 2016. Now the new H!P leader is Ayaka and she's on the far right.
 As mentioned above will be watching at least half of the final concert this weekend. It's an extremely long show at 207 minutes, don't want to get burnt out on them. C-ute sang 35 tunes in all but they have so many classics they had to leave too many out. Some of my all time faves are "Midnight Temptation, Middle Management, The Future and Love Take it All", don't think the group did any of those songs as I'm looking at the set list.
 I'll get over it though as I do have over ten DVD's of them in concert, they usually performed those above songs in concert. After I've viewed the concert and wiped the tears away will do a couple posts with many screenshots, no sense giving a review as we all know what a classic show it was. Do have plenty of pics from the show here as though C-ute isn't too popular at this site there are some fans. Have to admit that as hard as I worked getting more C-ute fans here it never worked out that well which is a shame, highly recommend viewing their 'singles series' posts which are very informative.


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