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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Yuki Kashiwagi: 2017 Magazine scans #1 plus much more....

 Last year Yuki finished 12th on my 'top twenty faves' list. If it was an all time Idol's list then I think she would have been in the third position, I honestly think one day she could take the top spot. Kind of impossible to top her looks, sometimes there's a flavor of the month Idol or actress but since 2010 I'll take Yuki over just about anyone.

 Kind of hard to believe then that is Yuki's first post for 2017, there's been a lot of faves who I've recently also just done a first post for. Yuki has been quite busy but they're not the things you post about such as mag spreads, promo events or photobooks. Speaking of books Yuki is way overdue for one as it's been at least five years since her second PB was released.
 Yuki has also had a solo singing career outside of AKB, she had two singles back in 2013 which both reached #2 on the charts but for some reason none since then. Yuki has also had at least three solo concerts and one is on DVD. She had another solo concert on May 3rd where she performed 13 songs, her own singles and naturally many AKB songs.

 Yuki was also a long time member of the trio 'French Kiss' which had two other AKB members. The group broke up at the end of 2015, they only had six singles but all of them made the top five. Now Yuki is another '48' family group which is called 'NGT48', they're based out of Niigata. Not sure why Yuki was selected to join them as she has no ties with that city. Actually maybe they needed someone well known with experience to help them sell singles.
 The group has been together for almost two years, the only songs they released up until April were AKB B-sides. But in April 12th the group finally released their own single which is called "Seishun Dokei". The tune reached #1 on the charts but it sold only 160,000 copies in it's first week which is a bit low for a number one song, total now stands at 188,000 copies sold.

 Wasn't planning on making this such a long post but when it's been six months since the last Yuki post guess she deserves for it to be huge. Yuki does have a blog but doesn't do too many entries on it. Her Twitter account though is a different story as she uploads so many pics to it.

 Yuki also represents a couple of companies promoting their clothing lines. These here are from the Champion Spring collection.

 Another product is Fila but don't these look almost the same as the above pics, perhaps they're owned by the same company.

 Just two Yuki spreads for today, those have been the only two these last few months and I can remember the days when she would be in 30-40 a year. Least the pics are simply amazing, first set is from the June issue of EX-Taishu and the last five are bonus pics.

 Yuki wasn't in this year's AKB Senbatsu book as she is not going to be participating in the election. She's never won an election but has done quite well at them as the previous six years she was always in the top five. Yuki has the cover for the June 20th issue of Young Champion, she looks so fabulous wish there were than just the two spreads.

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