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Monday, June 26, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "Zankoku na Kankyakutachi" drama episode four recap

 Start Date: May 17, 2017 on NTV, airs Thursdays at 1:00 am for ten episodes

 Through every episode the only characters have been the 21 Keya members in the show. All will probably have an important moment at least once in this ten episode drama so will list all of the members who are starring in the series. These screenshots list all of the characters along with their student number, these are from the final credits while Keya's tune "Eccentric" was playing.

 Thought that may make it easier for you to keep track off, can always change it in future posts such as have all 21 names written in order and may do something special at the show's conclusion.
 Two challenges have faced the 21 students and they accomplished both but just barely which was getting a certain amount of likes from an audience watching. The audience consists of everyday people such as students, office workers, housewives, etc. At the end of the third episode the girls had barely received the 210,000 likes they needed, the doors to the music room are now unlocked but the question they're wondering is what to do next?

 Staying in the music room isn't that good of an option as the girls are quite hungry and possibly something cruel could happen to them if they remain. Ayano finds two flashlights in the room so the group of 21 students begin to roam the halls. The first place they travel to is naturally the front doors of the school, what better way to leave?
 But of course the doors are locked, we still haven't seen one other person besides the students except for the viewers watching via their computers. Student #17 Yuzuki(Yurina) notices that the lights in the cafeteria are on, the only thing on her mind for hours has been food! She says they need to go there immediately but many other students are a bit leery about going there as it seems it could be a trap. The majority though think Yuzuki has a good idea and start to follow her, eventually all of the students head to the cafeteria.

 The door to the cafeteria are open, upon entering the girls all notice tables of food. It was a fiendish trick though as the food was just plastic, some were now wondering would they die of hunger? A few seconds later the doors to the cafeteria slammed shut and were locked, the girls are trapped again.
 For some reason that comment in the above screenshot wasn't explained. Student #2 is Erena(Yui I.) who is missing and none of the gals have a clue what happened to her, after that we never hear of her again which seemed quite strange.
 So far like the 'Tokuyama' drama my fave member is Risa who plays #21 Ayano. As in the other drama she's quite sassy and had a small clique at the school. She wasn't too well liked outside of that small group, the one student who truly can't stand her is Yuzuki and the pair did have a small confrontation. There's a laptop in the cafeteria and the audience really enjoyed watching the two come close to blows.

 The viewers watching via their computers at home would love to see a fight to add some excitement to the situation, have to agree with them that it'd be interesting to see a skirmish. The now twenty students have been locked in the cafeteria for a while, they and the audience are wondering what's going to happen next.
 There's been no new instructions as what the girls have to do, are they still going to have to get a certain amount of likes or are they just trapped waiting to be tortured or killed? This goes on for a while and the girls start to naturally get sleepy, it's well after midnight. But they all got sleepy around the same time, one student thought that perhaps poisonous gas is in the cafeteria and they're all going to die if they sleep. All of the gals run around and wake everyone up, they truly believe if they fall asleep that could be the end of them.

 It was surprising that after their intense argument Yuzuki went up to Ayano and asked for her help. She thought her attitude was the one they needed and she wanted Ayano to somehow become the boss of the students. Not sure how that will play out yet, we'll probably see if it actually happens in the next episode.
 The audience is getting a bit antsy and you can't blame them, it's been hours and the students still don't know what they have to do if they want to leave the cafeteria. Finally an event happens at the show's conclusion, somehow when the girls were nodding off real food was brought in for them to eat. Of course there's a catch and the requirement this time is that each of the students has to get... 20,000 likes!
 Getting 10,000 was very difficult, this looks like it may be impossible. However until a student gets the 20,000 likes they won't be allowed to have any food, wasn't said if all twenty students need to get the likes before they can eat or if you pass you're allowed to start digging in.

 Guess you can call that a semi-cliffhanger, there's still so many things about the plot we're in the dark about. For instance if they want to eat they need 20,000 likes, does that mean they can also leave the cafeteria? Plus except for that brief moment it was never explained what happened to student #2 who has gone missing, the other students don't seem too worried about her.
 This will not go down as a classic series but for some reason I do find myself enjoying it and isn't that supposed to be the mark of a good drama? Will be back soon with the next two recaps, the fifth episode has been subbed but not the two shows after that yet. Subs are being done by the people at 'ukn48' and to date the subs have been perfect so have to give a big thanks to them.


  1. The place seems pretty weird. The scene where Neru says she wants to stay so she could spend more time with Yurina, like the scenery from the cafeteria seems awfully high, you can see the lights at the bottom. Either they're in some sorta skyscraper or that's a fake wall or their school is on top of a mountain or somethin OR! maybe i'm thinking too much making me a dumbass haha.

  2. And yayyy for Mizuho's last 10sec or so of fame

  3. Neru is a bit creepy in this series, does she really have such nice feelings for Yurina or is it some sort of act? The school definitely isn't as good as the one in 'Tokuyama' but the show is set in the future so maybe schools are set in some remote mountains.

  4. Hmm i'm gonna go with that she really does have feelings for Yurina for no particular reason haha

  5. It's true she does have feelings for #17 but her facial expressions when she says her lovey dovey lines makes me feel as though something is up that we don't know about, think even Yuzuki seems baffled by a few of her comments.

  6. Yeah those lovey dovey lines are really suspicious indeed. Hmmm...I'll wait til you make recaps for the next eps then i'll watch it. Don't wanna get ahead of ya

  7. Not sure when the next two recaps will be done, up to episode 5 has been subbed but no word on when the sixth show will be done.