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Friday, June 16, 2017

Erika Toda: "Code Blue 3" press conference pics and more

 Think Erika is still #1 for posts but she may not have that honor for too much longer as a pair of Nogi members are breathing down her neck. Then again with the new drama starting she should have many more posts. Plus she may have more for the "Reverse" drama which just ended it's run tonight, not much of a break for Erika between series. I've only watched the first two episodes, wanted to wait until it was done then have a marathon watch of the show but undecided whether it'll be recapped.

 Shame there's only two pics as Erika still looks more dazzling than ever to me. These just came out today at the Omosan Street site and she'll be in the next edition which is volume 049, also think her two mates from CB3 will be in the edition.

 Those two mates are in the below post as I thought the pair of them seem to mesh so well together. The third season of  'Code Blue' starts up on July 17th and like the first two seasons it'll be airing on Fuji-TV. Erika played Megami in the series and need to do a re-watch of the second season as I forget a bit about the final few episodes. What I vaguely remember was that Megami had gone through a hospital hearing for screwing up and was unsure if she was going to remain a doctor.
 Obviously she did as Erika will be in the third season and now she's a staff leader for the emergency helicopter doctors at a different hospital. This event took place today and let's hope there's at least one more of them for the show along with some new mag spreads. Plenty of beyond fabulous pics of Erika here from the event, will have a video of it in the post below this one soon.

 YT is finally back up for the moment and will be adding in a video to the below post later on. There are a few out there already but waiting for a really good version before that's done. Ending off with a newish CM of Erika's from Acuvue which makes contact lenses.

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