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Monday, June 12, 2017

Nogizaka46: A little of this and that for 2017 #20....

 Except for the Meiji promo event last Tuesday it's been a quiet June so far for the group, have one of their new CM's at the bottom of the post. However that doesn't mean the members aren't busy as they're probably doing activities we won't learn about for a few weeks or so. For instance wouldn't shock me if they're working on Nogi's 18th single, there's been no news on it but for five years it's a tradition that they release a single in July.
 Plus next month their Summer tour starts, bet there's a lot of rehearsing for that. Was also just at the member's blogs and seems there will be quite a few mag spreads that will be coming out. So if it's a bit quiet on the Nogi front for a few more days there could be good reasons for that, bet the gals also now and again deserve a bit of a breather.
 Lot of mag spreads will be coming out but lately there's been very few of them. Have one for today which feature Asuka and Mai from volume 28 of Larme, those two I would imagine have the inside track of being the next single's center and I'll place my $$ on the former.

 This is something impressive and naturally it involves Erika who is the most talented Nogi member. On June 12th she was at the 8th 'Tokiko Iwatani Award' show where she won a special award called 'Encouragement Prize'. Erika has appeared in many stage plays these last few years and has really become so respected in the theater world.
 The award is for individuals who make an impact in the theater and are working hard to improve it. That's certainly Erika and she's really in high demand for musical plays. Currently she's in "Les Miserables" and sang the song "Plume Street" from it at the ceremony. Besides the 'Bemars' drama haven't seen her act but she must be good at it, she also has an excellent voice. The winners also received a special prize of one million yen, Erika said she would be be using it all for theaters.

 Lately there hasn't been as many blog entries as usual, really think it's because the members are busy on the next single. Manatsu has always done a good job at keeping her blog updated though she doesn't have enough solo pics. Also with five pics is Chiharu and when she misses a day with an entry you know something is up as she's been the best blogger the last year.

 Miria is close to being the best Nogi blogger yet she's also been taking some days off the last two weeks. Been saying she may be promoted for the next single, unsure if it'll actually happen but she has become such a popular member this year and does center most of the Undergirls songs. The four members today are perhaps the best four at doing blog entries, maybe they deserve to have their own song on the next single and the last five pics are of Miona.

 The three members who were at last Tuesday's Meiji event for their new 'Rokabano' drink also are featured in some CM's, two have a solo one and there are three with all of the members. Have posted two of the CM's already, here's another group one and it's surprising Mai didn't have a solo video.

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