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Monday, June 26, 2017

Nogizaka46: The 'Misa Eto post' #12....

 Not a huge amount of new things for this post though just about every pic is new for here and there are too many of them to count. Speaking of pics that bottom one above may be my all time Nogi pic which is saying something as they certainly have many stupendous ones.
 Misa's 'Hanashi' photobook has sold extremely well and have a few pics from it below, also have one terrific new mag spread. Since it's April 25th release it's been in the top five for best selling books and has sold over 71,000 copies. That ranks fourth in sales for the six Nogi books that have come out this year, if it keeps selling well it's got a good chance to be third beating out her old mate.

 Will probably start on my 'Top Ten Fave Nogi Members' list in August, as of now think it'll be impossible for any member to overtake Misa for the top spot. Even if last year's #1 didn't graduate think she'd still be ranked first. One thing Misa doesn't rank first in is doing blog entries as she's only done one of them for June but at least the pics are superb.

 Keep saying I'll be posting more Nogi cards for this year but keep forgetting, few of these from February to April may have been posted but think most are new.

 Here's the brand new spread and Misa has certainly taken her perfect looks to a new level, these are from the July 10th issue of Young Magazine.

 That bottom pic could guarantee a sleepless night! This is an older Misa spread from GTV, at one time I got a warning not to post their spreads and I may be the only person on the Internet to get one as so many sites do post their pics. Rarely then do I post their spreads and don't spell out their name but these pics are so fabulous they deserved to be posted and these are from volume 38.

 Nogi has an app game called 'NogiKoi' which just celebrated it's first anniversary. There's a new campaign for it though not many pics or videos have been released. Posted many Misa pics which came out last October for the game though there were many that I missed.

 The full title for Misa's second photobook is "Hanashi wo Kikoka", her first one was released in 2011 just prior to her joining Nogi. With the sales her current book has received bet we'll be seeing another one from her and these are pics from the photo shoot.

 Shame there's no video of the photo shoot, Nogi members have over ten books but only one had a mini behind the scenes video. Think I'll slowly post these pics from her new PB as she deserves to have a few more solo posts. These Misa pics are a bit out of this world and the top two could be are Nogi's best ones for this year, whewwwwwww!!!! After the pics have a newish video of her promoting Meiji's 'Milk Tea' drink.

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