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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "Zankoku na Kankyakutachi" drama episode two recap

 Start Date: May 17, 2017 on NTV, airs Thursdays at 1:00 am for ten episodes

 Through two episodes the only characters have been the 21 Keya members in the show. All will probably have an important moment at least once in this ten episode drama so will list all of the members who are starring in the series. These screenshots list all of the characters along with their student number, these are from the final credits while Keya's tune "Eccentric" was playing.

 Thanks if you read that first post, may not have to refer back to it too often as not that much took place. Briefly 21 students have been locked in their classroom at the end of their school day. A laptop was noticed on their teacher's desk which connects them to the outside world. The only way for one of the gals to leave the room is to get 10,000 likes from the audience and they can use whatever method they want to. In the first episode ten students were allowed to leave after doing so-so impressions but the audience enjoyed them enough to give them enough likes.

 Eleven students are remaining and as Yuzuki(Yurina) says above can they trust the audience to give the likes they need? There's not many options the gals have in a locked classroom to amuse a huge amount of people, the impressions worked but not Henago which is making strange faces. But the girls will try anything to leave the room and the students asked the viewers what they should do.
 Many answers came back but most of them were for things the girls couldn't do. Ikumi(Yui) tried something different which was doing the Paruru dance made a bit popular from AKB's Haruka. Ikumi gave it all she had and in a blink of an eye she stormed past the 10,000 likes mark. No other student had anything else so just the one gal for now was allowed to leave the room, ten students are left.

 The next bright idea was thought of by Anna(Rika) and it was a winner. She tried a tongue twister and once again the audience was enthused with the performance of a student. Anna easily went past the 10,000 like mark and was allowed to depart from the classroom. She waited around for a few minutes as the other nine rushed up to also try a funny tongue twister.
 Most of them were successful as the likes kept coming in, out of the nine five got the required amount and were allowed to leave the room. Now we're down to four students and was thinking they'll have to be leaving the room soon as there's still eight episodes to go and most of the popular members have left the classroom.

 Good thing there's a lot of screenshots as through two episodes there's really not much to the plot. Four students remain and once again they ask what can they do to get the 10,000 likes? The audience became a little cruel for the first time as the answer they gave the gals was to.... strip! You had to figure a request like that would eventually happen and it left the girls disgusted. Not all of the four though as Sae(Nijika) began thinking it was the only option left and started to unbutton her blouse.
 She's #1 and the student numbers go in the Japanese alpha order by names. Sae is quickly stopped though by #11 Rin(Yuuka), naturally we're not going to see any members undress on this show. The pair have another idea and that was to do some fake kiss poses. Perhaps the audience was feeling badly for asking them to strip so the pair of them received 10,000 likes leaving two students.

 The last duo in the room were the best friends Miko and Yuzuki, bet this won't be the first time this pair will be the last two standing. With no ideas in either head they also try to do some fake kisses for the audience, it worked as both hit the 10,000 like mark and were allowed to leave the room. Have no idea what would happen if a student didn't receive enough likes, are they stuck in the room for eternity or perhaps sent to a cell? Killed? Who knows at this point.
 So now there are zero students left in the room, Miko and Yuzuki travel down the corridors to head home. However they hear a noise, when they open up a door to find out what it was they discovered the 19 other gals in the music room. Appears this could be going on for a while, getting enough likes and then winding up in a different room. Then again I have no idea, perhaps in future episodes not getting enough likes will result in a punishment.

 Hopefully getting the likes will change a bit, such as you have a certain amount of time to get them or else you're history as far as this game goes. Sure something different will be happening but I have no idea what and not knowing sometimes builds up the suspense a bit and this show could use some. The episodes are only 23 minutes but for some reason they flew by so quickly they seemed to be about ten minutes a show which seems like a good sign.
 Like I mentioned in the first recap it's a little too early to say whether this drama is or will be a solid view. The storyline has a lot of potential to it and let's hope this series gets a bit more interesting and intense. The title translates over to 'The Cruel Audience' and lets hope their cruelness starts to pick up and would imagine it will. Will be trying to do a pair of back to back recaps each week and hopefully will be back soon with episodes three and four.


  1. I'm kinda lost in this drama but i'll still watch it (coz i'm a keya fan and i love Mizuho haha) I've only watched ep1 & 2 and one thing i don't really get is when the doors open, why doesn't everybody just get out??...oh whatever, i'll just keep watchin

  2. Mentioned that too, when the doors open why don't all of the students go out? There's so many things that haven't been explained, perhaps there's guards we can't see or maybe they have some sort of monitoring device on them.

  3. Ah! must've over read that part, sorry