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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nogizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #41 and much more....

 The group's 4th Birthday Live concerts are coming out on DVD next Wednesday, sure we'll be seeing the members at an event for it. Nogi did three concerts last August 28th to the 30th, you can get all three performances on one DVD set or buy any of the three shows. It's their first concert DVD in almost a year, with their popularity at an all time high can't understand why there haven't been more though their third album did have three video discs.
 Kind of wondering if Hinako's photobook has been nixed, it was supposed to come out this month but there's been no news about it for months now. Hope it's just postponed as I really like her and bet her PB may not be as explicit as Mai's but just as good in other ways. Here's the weekly update of the member's photobook sales and though these four have remained on Oricon's top ten list the sales have really dropped for them and others as not many new books have come out recently.

Mai 'Passport'- 206,995
Asuka 'Shiosai'- 114,232
Misa 'Hanashi wo Kikoka'- 71,099
Nanase 'Kaze wo Kigaete'- 130,260

 Kind of funny how these '46' group posts come all in a row as I think this is the fifth straight for Keya and Nogi. Never plan for doing so many at once but they are by far the two busiest J-Pop groups out there by a country mile. Nogi fans will like this post as there's a ton of pics as usual but like most recent mag spread posts there's only two for today though they total almost 25 pics. August issues are already coming out, actually have noticed Non-no releases their monthly mag before any others. Here's Nanase from their August edition, she also does a huge amount of pics for their Instagram site and will have many of them soon. Like those pages of her cooking as who wouldn't want her to prepare a meal for them!

 As you can imagine the most popular members here for solo posts are Erika, Mai and Nanase. However a close fourth is Himeka who has a huge amount of fans here and you can count me in as a fan too. Since she came back from her leave of absence she's been looking better than ever and has had four solo spreads this month. This stupendous set of pics is from volume 20 of BLT Graph.

 As far as Nogi bloggers go Himeka is among the best and she's really been posting many pics lately. She has five here with the first two being from the above mag photo shoot while there's two with her best mate Hinako. Other five pics are of Miria who is also an excellent blogger, she took a week off though but has started to upload many pics like she had always done.

 Kazumi has been much more in the public eye lately, Nogi has had at least five promo events the last month and she's been at four of them. That's good to see as she's one of my fave members and could easily be in the top three again for this year's top ten list. Another one who made last year's list was Yuuri who to me is the most underrated Senbatsu member, she looks A++++ to me. Her top two pics are from a handshake event that took place on June 13th, each of the gals have five pics.

 As I've said in many recent posts five Nogi members have started a new campaign for Mouse which naturally puts out computer items such as a mouse(?). Four new CM's have come out this week, have posted three and have the final one below. Am at their site right now and it looks like four more CM's will be released next Monday. These are new pics from the site as it looks like they're also going to be promoting computers. All of the videos start out the same but they are slightly different.

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