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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Keyakizaka46: The 'Miyu Suzumoto post' #1....

 Think a problem though not a major one is that when you have big groups like Keya or Nogi it's hard for all of the Senbatsu members to get a lot of attention. Both groups have their ultra huge stars who seem to have most of the mag spreads and appear more often at events. Miyu seems to be a popular member though not a huge one yet, perhaps a few posts for her here will send her popularity soaring. Then again she hasn't left me with the option of saying no to posting about her....

 Miyu has been with Keya since the very beginning, in August the group will be celebrating two years together though their first single wasn't released until April 2016. Here's some pics of Miyu from the press conference which was held on August 22, 2015 to announce the Keya members.

 Nogi has some horrible bloggers, not that they're bad but sometimes a member goes months without doing an entry. Keya though seems much worse, very few of their members update their blogs consistently and Miyu is no exception.

 Few group Spring and Winter cards.

 Miyu will be turning twenty in November which means we can post all of her things from 2016. She hails from Aichi and is one of two members to come from there. The other is Yurina, she's celebrating her birthday this Sunday so thought I'd have a spread of the pair who do appear often together in mags. This set is from the special Flash mag 'Best of Winter 2017'.

 Few of you may remember these pics as I posted them last week and they're from Young Magazine #29. Pics are so fabulous think they deserve an encore viewing and when I saw how terrific Miyu looked knew she needed a post right away.

 Miyu does appear in quite a few mags but like too many members she doesn't have enough solo ones. Do have a few more of them for today such as this fine set from volume 37 of UTB+.

 Rest are from 2016 with this Miyu spread being from the December edition of Big One Girls.

 Those above spreads really needed to be bigger as Miyu does look quite good but this one from the August issue of BLT Graph is quite huge at fourteen pics with the last five being bonus ones.

 Another big set which is from the Hustle Press website and these came out in December. Had wanted to include a Miyu video but one thing that's really lacking are Keya ones on YT, most are clips from their two variety shows.


  1. she looked aight from the conference pics but once she changed her hairstyle, her beauty just went BAM! straaaaight up, 100 to a million haha

  2. You're right about how much better she looks, getting older is something which usually helps. Need to do a few more posts for members who I've missed, heard you mention Mizuho who I also like and seeing how her b-day is on July 7th will do a post for her on that day. She's probably the tallest member while it looks like Miyu may be the shortest.

  3. YOU.ARE.A.SAINT! haha Mizuho <3