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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Keyakizaka46: The 'Rika Watanabe post' #5

 Sometimes I think that the other half of W-Watanabe is going to grab the top spot for being my fave member, after seeing Rika's new mag spread looks like Risa may have to wait for a while. This is already Rika's fifth post and don't think any other member has more than two though that will be changing. Coming close to the end of them as there's some spreads for 2016 so thinking one more post after this for older things and then we need for her to start supplying us with many more new pics. Rika is okay as Anna in the current 'Zankoku' drama but wish her part was a bit bigger.

 Have only viewed four episodes so bet(hope) her role will end up much bigger, sometimes it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for. That was the case in the 'Tokuyama' drama as Rika stole the show in the final episode. She confessed to killing their teacher but there was just one problem.... he was already dead when she stabbed him!!!!

 In the third episode of 'Zankoku' another student was playing the piano, Rika says she can play well so wonder why she didn't get the opportunity to tickle the keys? To me the best Keya tune is "Wareta Smartphone" which is on the latest single. Rika and four others go by the name 'Aozora to Marry' on the tune and it's the second time the fivesome has done a song on a single. The PV isn't on YT but if you get the chance to view a video of it or listen to it on CD you won't be disappointed.

 Above is from the PV. Keya does have group cards but mainly for their singles, they're not in Nogi's class yet who have plenty of monthly cards but here's a few for Winter 2016.

 On to some mag spreads and this first set sent for such a loop knew a post for Rika needed to be done immediately. There's been plenty of fine Keya spreads but none come close to topping these incredible pics from the August issue of Brody.

 Whew, Rika set a new Keya standard for pics and don't know if those will ever be beat. One more new one which is only two pages, she shares this spread with Akane in the August issue of Myojo.

 One more shared spread and naturally it had to be with Risa, will work on having that 'pairs post' for the duo who appear so often in mags. This fine set is from issue #009 of Overture which came out earlier this year.

 One more Rika spread for 2017 which is from the January edition of EX-Taishu.

 Will make this the final one and it's from 2016. Do have more spreads for that year but don't want to use them all up yet as Rika deserves at least one more solo post, hopefully can stretch things out for two of them. This superb set of pics is from volume 114 of Marquee.


  1. When it comes to Keya's visuals, W-Watanabe are like top notch in my opinion. Rika's shower pic in the Brody spread! x_x i guess by your ranking it would be considered as an A++++++++

  2. Think you forgot to add two +'s which would make it an even ten of them, that's a good number for Rika. That shower pic definitely gets a high mark though the last one in that spread is by far the best.