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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Yuu Kikkawa with Minami Sengoku: "Sayonara, Standard" single news and more....

 Don't think I've seen two Idols who are better friends then Minami and Yuu, if any duo deserves an upcoming 'pairs post' it's definitely these two. Their birthdays are only one day apart too, on April 30th Minami turned 26 while on May 1st Yuu celebrated her 25th.

 Last month Minami announced her graduation from her group Up Up Girls, that will be happening in July and will have a few posts for her before that happens and naturally at least one for the sad occasion.
 The majority of this post is for Yuu who finished 5th on last year's 'Top Twenty Faves List'. This is only her first post of the year I think, she has been busy but not doing activities that make for interesting posts. However think there's been more recent happenings so will try to do another post for her very soon.
 What we need is for Yuu to start appearing in more mags or at least add to her total of three photobooks. She's also done many huge special spreads for Bomb-TV and Wanibooks, from 2012 to 2015 not many Idols could top her pics and actually having a hard time thinking of one who did.

 Do have one small spread that's somewhat new from the June 5th Weekly Famitsu.

 Of all the Idols who have Instagram and/or Twitter accounts have to say that Yuu does the best job at keeping them updated as rarely a day goes by without her posting at least 3-5 pics.

 Yuu has had a long solo career but has only been somewhat popular, she is in the Hello Project world but too unknown outside of it. To date she's had three albums and eleven singles, nine of them have hit the top twenty while two even made the top ten.
 Her tenth single didn't do so well, wonder with Yuu getting older that her fan base is shrinking which happens too often in the J-Pop world. She hasn't lost me though as all of her songs are quite good, no classics but she's never had a bad tune. On May 24th Yuu released her eleventh single and first in a year which is titled " Sayonara, Standard". Hope the title isn't a reference to her retiring though don't think it is.
 The single only reached #31 on the Oricon charts selling a little over 3,300 copies, that's what happens when you go a year between singles. Yuu does appear quite often on H!P music shows and is scheduled to perform some shows next month in Taiwan. There were three versions of the single and here are their covers.

 On May 26th which was two days after the single's release Yuu held a special release party for it where she performed five songs. Joining her was her best buddy Minami and it's a shame the pair have never done a single together. Minami performed two songs with Yuu, one was an old Up Up Girls tune from 2012 while the other three were from the new single. Plenty of fine pics here from the event which was held at Tower Records in Shibuya. After the superb pics is the PV for the single and like all H!P videos it's subbed in English.

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