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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Keyakizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #4

 One of the best things about Idols is that there's always and I mean always something to post about them. Perhaps because many of the groups have so many members but rarely does a day go by without something new from a group like Nogi. However the last two days there's been zero new happenings which happens perhaps twice a year, guess even Idols need a breather now and again.
 On the other hand it's hard to consistently do posts for actresses as so many tend to take long breaks. Been noticing over the years March, June and September tend to be the periods for those breaks or every three months, could have something to do with dramas starting and ending. Not sure what that has to do with this post but many may have noticed a huge increase in Keya posts the last month and that's one reason why as too many of my fave actresses have been AWOL.
 The other reason for so many posts is that I've really been getting into their music and variety shows lately, have to admit I was wrong for being so stubborn towards them for so long. In a way though it's been a good thing as there are so many things to catch up on, find something new every day.   

       Staring too long at Yurina can be bad for your sanity.......

 As you may have noticed from the way I write that I've stared at that for way too long.... 😵

The last mag post mentioned the group would be performing at Zepp Tokyo on July 6th. They will be but it'll be their Undergirls unit which is called 'Hiragana Keyaki', good to see them get some attention as I don't see them too often in mags or on shows. The unit also did a show on May 31st at Zepp Namba in Osaka as they're doing a mini tour.

 Six 2017 spreads for today and most of them are fairly huge as they total close to seventy pics. No order to these except for the fact they're all from this year, should have a few more mag posts for 2017. Leading off is from a mini 'First Anniversary' book which came out in April from BLT, the group's first single "Silent Majority" was released on April 6, 2016.

 Have a fivesome here from the May edition of Fine Boys. Rika, Risa and Yuuka are three in this set and they're the ones above who have those terrific pics. Joining the trio are Akane and Manaka, that really is one hard to beat fivesome.

 Most of the spreads are quite massive except for this four page one from the May BLT.

 This trio appears in so many mags together which is a fabulous thing as they look so fantastic together. That trio is Rika, Risa and Yuuka, this set is from the March 26 Weekly Shonen.

 Once again the trio are together but this time they're joined by Yurina. This is another set from Weekly Shonen and it's issue #22.

 Final spread is another huge one at fifteen pics and features many members, naturally the four from above and these are from the special Flash 'Best of Idols' Spring edition.


  1. Damn you Nao! Now i can't stop staring at it

  2. Be thankful that's the slow version!!!! My doctor has semi-cured me of my Yurina-ness, can always refer you to her....

  3. Haha it's OK. I already got an appointment ready for my doctor :)