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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshita ka?" drama episode eleven recap

 Air Dates: July 16 to October 1, 2016 on TV Tokyo, Saturdays at 12:20 am
 Theme song: "Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai" by Keyakizaka46


 The Adults....

Kyusaku Shimada as Tokuyama, their dead homeroom teacher
Noriko Eguchi as Kanzaki, asst. homeroom teacher
Ryo Iwamatsu as the Principal
Hiroki Konno as the janitor Hashibe
Kazuyuki Aijima as teacher Takemura

 Up until the sixth recap had listed about ten of the members in the above info but now will list all of the Keya members who are in the drama. These are screenshots from the opening credits and in the order the cast is listed, words at the bottom are the drama's theme song. Title of the song is above, it's from the group's second single and it really is one superb tune.

 Down to the last two recaps and I'm going to miss viewing this show as it exceeded my expectations and turned out to be a fine series. Going to hop right into the action, the next post could be quite long so no time for rehashing past events. At the conclusion of the tenth episode the Keya girl's number one suspect has almost always been Neru, she shocked everyone by saying at the very end....

.... that she has evidence that Yone is the killer! Yone is short for Nanami Yonetani who naturally denies having anything to do with the stabbing of Tokuyama. Neru, along with Risa, has seen Nanami make the Line calls the girls have somehow been getting from the dead Tokuyama. They use the word Line in this drama where as we would use the word Text.
 Nanami didn't have his phone with her but someone else in the class did who was Rina, a name that hadn't been mentioned before. The pair eventually began to open up about what they were doing but then Mizoho jumped into the grilling. When they were moving Tokuyama's body after discovering it his phone had fallen out of his pocket and she quickly scooped it up. She thought that had gone unnoticed but shortly after Mizuho was confronted by Nanami and Rina who saw her pick it up.
 After that the trio started to make those odd calls and the girls were naturally perplexed on how Tokuyama could be sending them messages. At first they and we thought the killer had the phone and was toying with the students. That wasn't the case and the trip admitted that they were sending the messages as part of a huge prank but one they said soon got out of hand. More on this a few paragraphs down.

 The trio of gals now were looked at rather suspiciously but thanks as usual to Yurina they weren't considered suspects in Tokuyama's stabbing. True what they did was wrong but the other classmates couldn't figure out if it was a crime doing what they did, probably not was their conclusion. These last few episodes the tension has really been growing between the gals, they're jumping to conclusions very quickly as it's been six days since the body was found yet they still haven't found Tokuyama's murderer.
 On the morning of his death Tokuyama had given Neru a video disc to watch in case something should ever happen to him. Think it was in the fifth episode when they tried to watch it but the detective Yashino had taken the disc away from them. But it seemed as there was no clues on it but Yurina thought of a way to watch it again.
 Rika is a gal who likes to take pictures and videos of almost everything, when Tokuyama's disc was playing she had been filming it. Rika say she'll play it for them but first the other girls must agree to allow her to make videos of them, they reluctantly agree as it could be the only way to solve the case.

 The girls had a minor clue which was the number .3423. They thought it may refer to a time on the disc so they scrolled to that time frame. At that moment on the disc there was a pic of the class turtle in his tank which left them a utterly clueless. Kame in Japanese means turtle which now leads the girls to suspect Rina, at first with that name really thought they were talking about Kageyama who is an Undergirl as Rina's last name is Uemura.
 Once again I'm a tad scatterbrained, happens on occasion in the first post when I write two recaps in a row. That clue hasn't solved the mystery of Tokuyama's murder but it did lead to the whereabouts of finding his missing phone which now was in the possession of Rina. That's when she along with Mizuho and Nanami confessed to sending the fake text messages.
 But they did a bit more than that as they had also moved his body from one locker to another to scare the gals into thinking someone was watching them. The master behind this plan was Mizuho, she didn't hate her classmates but really wanted to do something devilish to them to keep them is a state of panic. That worked out all too well and it was difficult for the trio to stop their actions, Nanami was also one who relished watching her fellow mates in a state of terror.

 While it's true what the girls did was morally wrong there was no crime they committed. But the girls are back to square one as Yurina says in that above pic, they still haven't found out who Tokuyama's killer is and time is running out. There's no deadline to find the culprit but it's just a matter of time before his body is found in a locker, the girls would have no defense for their actions and quite possibly all of them could be charged with murder.
 That was quite a long scene and really the only thing that was solved this episode was what happened to Tokuyama's phone. At the conclusion Yurina was thinking back about the clue that Tokuyama left on the disc. It had to do something with the turtle as he would have no clue who his killer would be. Yurina ends up dumping all of the contents from the turtle's tank out, to her amazement she finds a picture of Tokuyama with.... the asst. homeroom teacher Kanzaki!

 During this episode the gals were also supposed to have been preparing for the next day's Cultural Festival but very little got accomplished. Their theme was to have a horror mansion, all the props were ready but so much more needed to be done.
 When Yurina found the picture that brought us to the end of this show and that pic will have a major impact on what happens but you'll never believe who the killer(s) was/were. That's the next post which will be the final one for this series and so much happens in that next show my head is spinning just thinking about doing the recap.

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