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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Kie Kitano: "Tap: The Last Show" movie premiere pics/video and a tad more....

 Third post in the last two months for new Kii happenings, that's two more than all of last year. Would love to see her make this year's top twenty faves list, after being one of my top five gals for years she didn't make last year's list due to her inactivity. Should be another post for her coming up soon as Kii has the lead role in a dTV mini drama starting on July 15th called "Gintama: Mitsuba hen". Should be an event for the show so when that happens will give you all of the details for the series.

 Kii has had an Ameba blog for many years though lately she hasn't been doing a good job at keeping it updated, only two new pics this month so far.

 Least that top pic rates an A+, to me most of Kii's pics do. One small mag spread from the May 30th edition of SPA!, would like to see her in more mags and Kii will be the cover gal for the next issue of Tokyo Walker.

 In a two year stretch from 2012 Kii was in eight(!) films and in many of them she had the lead role. Her joining the 'ZIP!' show as a co-host really in 2015 slowed down her career and she's only appeared in two films since then. I've seen six of those movies and every one was quite good, the biggest hit out of the eight was "Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai" film from 2014, really recommend it and "Joukyou Monogatari" was almost as good.
 Kii's latest film "Taps: The Last Show" had it's premiere yesterday but first these are pics from June 10th and an interview she did for the film with Modelpress.

 Kii has the lead female role in the film, her character's name is Hana Mori. As you may have guessed the movie is about tap dancing, the lead male part has the name of Watarin who suffered an accident and had to retire from tap dancing. He became a director and the main storyline is about him directing the last show at a theater.
 May not sound too exciting but have a feeling it's probably a good film, the entire cast is quite excellent. On June 17th the movie at it's premiere at the TOHO Cinemas in Tokyo. Naturally have some superb pics from the event and following them is a video of it.

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