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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Keyakizaka46: The 'Yuuka Sugai post' #2

 The 'Tokuyama' recaps have come to an end which many may be pleased about as they didn't draw too many views though I thought it was an enjoyable drama. Yuuka did a fine job in the series, most of the members are definitely not polished actresses but to me they seem better than their Nogi counterparts, will also be doing recaps for Keya's current drama.
 Think I made Yuuka's first post a bit too big as there's no more solo mag spreads for 2017 left so today have a few from last year. But the main point of the post was Yuuka's appearance at a special event today and the details with many pics are at the bottom of the post.

 Once I do a few more solo posts for the members will start on some 'pairs posts', first off will probably be the W-Watanabe duo. Perhaps first off though will be Yuuka paired with Keya's assistant captain Akane as they appear together too often to count.

 Also coming up may be a comparison post between her and Sayaka Yamamoto, least face wise don't they look so similar?

 Though this is just Yuuka's second solo post she's been featured in all of the group mag posts, like most Keya gals the majority of her spreads are with other members. First off is one from late last year and it's from volume 117 of Marquee.

 The Hustle Press site features many Keya members every month and most have had five or more features at their site. Yuuka is one who has had many of them and these are from last October.

 Besides those features which are also interviews Hustle Press also has a monthly magazine, Yuuka was the cover gal for their May 2016 edition.

 Once you start delving into the members bios a bit more you'll find out that many Keya members are quite interesting. Yuuka also attends Gakushuin University and is also a member of their equestrian club. Why that's important is because of this event that took place today which is June 7th.
 Yuuka has been a equestrian rider since she was in fifth grade, she's now 21 so she's been a rider for over a decade. In 2011 Yuuka finished second in a national championship, in 2016 she won a Tokyo Metro competition and earlier this year took first in an East Kanto competition. No doubt then Yuuka is quite an accomplished rider and when her Idol days end she'll have at least one career to fall back on, hopefully they won't end too soon.
 The event which took place today was for the 'Japan Equestrian Federation', Yuuka was one of four that were selected as special public relations ambassadors. Don't know who the others are but sure they're well known in the equestrian world. Many fine pics of the event which was held at the Yokohama Negishi Race Park, also some pics of her showing off her skills. Doesn't happen often with Nogi events but there is a short video you can view of this event after the pics.

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