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Monday, June 12, 2017

C-ute: "Mujack" show from June 2nd, recap and screenshots

 As of about ten hours ago it's now official that there's no more C-ute as last night was their final performance. The concert was streamed so already have the show which is quite a long one at 210 minutes, they did almost every hit they have as they performed 35 songs. Will watch it this weekend, want to have a nice block of time to savor the sad yet joyous occasion.
 May have to bear with my C-ute fanaticisms for a few days as I'm truly going to miss my all time fave J-Pop group. There's not going to be a lot of new things but the members have appeared on many shows the last two weeks and will be posting about them or at least most of them. Have done quite a few posts for Nogi's variety shows so these will be along the same lines.

 C-ute did have one variety show of their own but it just lasted for five months back in 2014, that's a shame as they all appear to be quite interesting and quick witted. "Mujack" is a long running show which celebrated it's tenth anniversary back in April. This is the first time I've viewed it and it won't be my last time as the two shows with C-ute were both good. That's right, two shows the group appeared on and the next post has that appearance.
 One of the hosts is Minami Takahashi who most should know from AKB, she was also the leader for all of the '48' groups until she graduated. This was mainly a talk show with a few skits thrown in,
C-ute was on the 23 minute show for about 14 minutes. Lot of talking about their twelve years together along with some promoting for their "Complete Single Collection" set which came out a little over a month. There's six CD's and a DVD in the collection, right now am playing one of their hits discs, they're broken down by hits, B-sides, album tracks and rarities. May not seem like a lot but at almost 20,000 copies sold it's their best selling album.

 Kept looking for this guy's name during the show, must of missed it a few times as I never found out who he was. Also just checked the show's site but his name wasn't there. Probably not too important or at least it isn't to me. He's a hypnotist who has been on the show it seemed many times, he tried to put four of the members under his spell. As you can see above he was quite successful at it as Chisato went under in less than a minute.
 Don't know how he was able to do it, seemed his trick was using a pen and when it clicked the member would either be hypnotized or act like they usually do. He didn't make the gals do too many tricks though he did get Airi to handle this worm(?). When she came out of his spell she was naturally screaming but had a huge smile handing the creature when she was under his spell.

 The member be really got though was Saki. The other host has her same last name which is Nakajima, when she heard the name she was supposed to fall madly in love with the host. When she went under the hypnotist's spell that's exactly what happened, she was even going to start hugging the host until Minami got between them.
 When the spell ended Saki couldn't believe what had happened, she was quite embarrassed at herself. The only member who didn't get hypnotized was Maimi who had her own competition. That's the other host in the first pic, I profess to not being an expert on hypnotism but always had thought it wasn't an easy thing to do and if successful it does take much more than a minute.

 Maimi had a mini eating competition against a woman named Moe who is supposedly quite proficient at eating mass quantities. The challenge was to eat as many bowls of noodles as possible in a minute but the bowls only contained a few noodles, enough for one huge bite.
 Sadly for Maimi she wasn't much competition for Moe who overwhelmed her thirty bowls to twelve! One look at Maimi and there's no doubt she's not a huge eater, better for us that she isn't but then again her competitor wasn't that big of a woman.

 The "Mujack" show is 24 minutes long so those two skits brought us close to the end, C-ute didn't appear until the sixth minute or so. Plus there were a few other mini segments promoting other new albums and artists. C-ute though did do a bit more plugging of their new album before the show ended, it is an expensive set but with a concert on DVD plus over ninety songs it may be worth it.
 Show ended with Chisato showing us her dancing skills, she's okay but I think Saki is the best and quite a few other H!P members think so too. Thanks if you made it through this post and if you're really a C-ute fan then check out the next post for part two. This aired on June 2nd while part two was shown in the 9th though the appearance was cut into two to stretch it out. Here's plenty more screenshots from the show, the show on the 9th was perhaps their last appearance on a variety show.


  1. OHH I know this guy. His name is Juumonji Gensai, I remember him from Nogizaka under Construction Episode 3, where he hypnotises Ikuta. (It also happens to be my favourite NogiChu episode ever cuz I'm an Ikuta oshi...) That episode is definitely worth a watch.

  2. Thanks for the info, vaguely recall that episode but looks like it may need to be viewed again.