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Monday, June 12, 2017

C-ute: "Mujack" show from June 9th, recap and screenshots

 These two "Mujack" shows were entertaining, they do have many extremely popular guests on their Friday night show. My complaint is their site which doesn't give much info except who has appeared and who will be. Tried to look up who some of the cast were, already knew the hosts but not the two guests(?) who were on this show.
 If you read that first post this is a continuation of the show as both C-ute appearances were taped on the same day and split into two. The group was on for about 25 minutes which is longer than a usual show so splitting it into two had to be done, you could easily tell as the members were dressed exactly the same.

 The first show from June 2nd may have been more entertaining with some skits though this one was more interesting as it concentrated on C-ute's history. The gals are only between the ages of 21 to 25 yet they've been together in the group for twelve years! Shame it had to come to an end but most things do, all will be staying in the entertainment business and Airi said she will become a solo singer starting next year.
 Mai is the only one who isn't going on as she said she's retiring. She's the youngest member at 21 and announced she wanted to go back to school and learn English much better. Maimi and Saki want to concentrate more on their acting careers, both are going to keep doing their radio shows but no longer with C-ute in the show's titles. Chisato will also be staying in the entertainment field, she's a regular on variety shows and seems to me she would make for an interesting host. She'll be turning 23 in eight days, have never had a solo post for her but think I will try to on that day.

 As you may have noticed in this and other posts Japanese variety shows have way too many graphics which fill up the screen. Sometimes it helps me when there's no English subs but those two pics above are a rarity as there are no graphics and wish there were so many more like them.
 As mentioned the majority of this show was looking at C-ute's history, there were a lot of flashback videos and information. Minami from AKB is one of the co-hosts, any of their singles the last six years has sold at least twenty times what a C-ute single does. But she did appear to be a fan of the group, Sayaka Yamamoto from NMB is also a huge fan who has been spotted at many shows.

   This isn't going to be a long post, the segment was about 16 minutes long and it mainly consisted of talking about C-ute over the years. Surprisingly I was able to grasp most of what was being talked about, watching so many of these shows is slowly paying off for me though I'll never be an expert at the language.
 After the trip down memory lane there was more promoting for the latest album. Bet they may have sold quite a few of them at their final concert but Oricon doesn't count sales at shows. The final segment which left us all in tears was the team leader Maimi giving a speech to the other members. She thanked them and said how much she was going to miss all of them, the tears were flowing during the speech and a few may have been from me.
 Maimi is closest to Saki who really had tears streaming but it won't be the end of them together. They do appear on on a TBS late night show as co-hosts, think the name of the show is "Furusato no Yume". Have never seen it but it's one that's not easy to get but now will be on the hunt for it.

 I've done so many of these variety show recaps for other J-Pop groups so thought finally C-ute deserved a moment in the spotlight. Forget how many posts they have but think it's 160+, going to be very difficult to reach 200. Will try though as there's a few other shows I'll be posting about such as two recent "Hello! Pro Station" shows plus there's also a few other oddball activities that you'll be hearing about.

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