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Monday, June 19, 2017

Airi Suzuki: Some recent happenings....

 Who cares if there's a doctor in the house when Nurse Airi is there to save us!!!! 😉

 Though C-ute has disbanded there will be more posts coming up for them, they're no longer a J-Pop group but think they have a few obligations left. None of them will be performing though, keep promising to do a 'pairs post' for this duo but always forget until I start doing a C-ute post but don't worry though as I've moved it way up on my 'to do list'.

 Distance?! She's been using that excuse for too long now, 6,500 miles from Tokyo to where I am isn't that far for her to make a weekly visit....

 Plenty of pics for today but not too many recent happenings but it often seems like that when I start a post. The C-ute members have had a blog for many years now and all of them have contributed to it. But with the group disbanding the blog will also be a thing of the past. So what the members have done was to create Instagram accounts for themselves to keep us updated on activities, Airi seems to post more pics than anyone else and here's some from the last week.

 For an upcoming C-ute post will have many H!P cards from the last few months, waiting to see if there's any for their breaking up. Here's a few for Airi but saving most for that card post, she also has many new ones with Buono!.

 Watched the first half of C-ute's final performance which took place seven days ago. Will be viewing the second half this weekend and though there were no tears for the first 104 minutes think there will be for their final songs. The concert was streamed on BS Live and it's easy to get, if you're a fan then no need to tell you that it truly needs to be viewed.
 If you've made it this far you must be a fan as C-ute's posts here have never been all that popular or at least compared to Nogi. Airi seems to be liked though as her solo posts do get many more views than group posts, she really is one likable person. Did one post with pics from the final concert but they were mainly group pics so here's a few of Airi and will probably have another post for the show coming up soon.

 Airi has been an exclusive Ray model for a few years now, most weeks she has a special section with 3-5 pics. This week there were no pics for some reason so here are some from the previous week. There was also a nice huge feature at the Hustle Press site for her and the group but for some odd reason there were zero pics,

 Think the Ray magazine honored the achievements of Airi and C-ute as for the first time she graced the cover of their mag which was for the July issue. The last pic is a group one, following that is a video that has some of the photo shoot and also a fabulous segment with all of the members.

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