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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Kazusa Okuyama: Two new mag spreads plus a few other happenings....

 Will finish watching the 'Lupinranger' series but won't be doing any more recaps for it. Did posts for the first ten episodes, after that is when my laptop went bonkers. So am over ten shows behind which is too many recaps to do so will just continue watching and do recommend the series as it's been the best Sentai show I've watched in many years.
 The best part of the show is that it introduced us to Kazusa, she seems like a gal who may eventually become one of bigger faves. To date she's only had two solo posts but that second one was immensely popular and one of the most viewed ones for this year. Lot of the post will be about 'Lupinranger' and that's because there's going to be a regular movie released on August 4th which is this Saturday. Hope to have a Kazusa post for that as I'm leaving a few things out for that post but there still are over fifty new pics for today.

 'Lupinranger' is Kazusa's first major role, she has become so much more popular because of it so let's hope that means she'll be appearing in regular dramas starting next year as this series still has 25 episodes to go. As mentioned there's quite a few things today for the new film and these pics are from a new Modelpress interview that came out two days ago.

 There's six major characters in the TV series but there's going to be many more added in for the movie. On July 26th the entire cast which is quite huge held a promo event for the film at the Roppogni Hills Arena in Tokyo.

 Off the movie for this next happening which took place on July 8th. on that day Kazusa was in Kohuku which is one of the wards of Yokohama. She was appointed as the honorary Police Chief for the day and also at the event she was announced as a spokesperson for their Summer accident program. At the event Kazusa said her father was a police officer, she had serious thoughts of becoming one herself and she does play one in the 'Lupinranger' series.

 Last two items will be the new mag spreads that were mentioned in the title. Also playing a huge role on the TV show is Haruka who is a Morning Musume graduate. The pair team up for this set which is from Young Jump #27.

 This final spread features Kazusa having her first solo cover and it's one of her best sets of pics ever which is from the August 13th edition of Young Magazine. After the stupendous pics check out a short video of Kazusa at that event in Kohoku.

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