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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Nao Kanzaki: Nao's 'Top Twenty of All Time Faves' list.... #16!!!!

 In one of those prelim. posts mentioned that Rina had just missed the cut, upon further reflection couldn't leave her off the list. She's had a lack of posts here so you wouldn't know it but for the past two months or so Rina has been my #1 and actually had thoughts of putting her in the top ten. However there's so many more deserving faves but the 16th position is still a high spot and sure if there's another list in the future she may have a top five spot all locked up.
 This will be a huge post but could have made it much bigger, think she merits many more posts so will save some things for a few more of them soon. Never did talk about the incident which happened four years ago as there wasn't much more to add in about it. The attack did hasten Rina's departure from AKB, she graduated close to three years ago but one good thing came out of it. Rina has become a noted actress and think she's more popular now than she was as an AKB member. But her leaving put an end to her gravure spreads but though her current spreads are conservative she does look A++++ in them, this top one may be my all time Idol pic.... whewwww....

 At 23 years old Rina is the youngest woman to make the list, she'll be turning 24 next February. She's also the second shortest gal on the list with a height of 152 cm, think the shortest person is 150 cm who for now will be in the sixth position. Rina's acting career is really talking off, she's appearing in five(!) films this year, been in two dramas and one TV movie. Her first starring role in a film will be "Koi no Shizuku" which is coming out in October, video at the top is a trailer for the movie.

 Have two mag spreads today but Rina doesn't do nearly as many as she did with AKB. However she does appear at so many events, have three of them today and will have plenty more of them in her future posts. On July 16th Rina was in Osaka where she threw out the first pitch at a Buffalo's game, it was also to promote a new CM she had for Orix.

 Wonder how many times she's heard 'Kawaei is Kawaii', probably too many times for her but it is such an accurate statement. Pics here are from two interviews from the Entertainment Station site and were for her film "Sensei Kunshu". Sure you know the other gal who had the lead role in the movie, both were also excellent in the "Gakeppuchi Hotel" drama that aired in the Spring and will try to have at least one recap for the series this week.

 The film had it's premiere on August 1st which are what these pics are from.

 One more event took place on July 27th as Rina was in Hiroshima promoting her TV movie "Dusk of the City of Yakinaga" that aired August 6th on NHK.

 Rina does an okay job at posting pics on her Instagram site. These are from the past ten days and that's such a superb pair in the bottom pic that features the gal in the 20th position, it's from the set of her current drama "Caseworker's Dairy" which is now being subbed.

 Actually thought there were two mag spreads but sadly just have one for today. Rina has the cover and looks so super duper in the May 28th issue of Young Magazine.

 Am about to start on Rina's 2014 AKB series "Sailor Zombie" and will be recapping it. Have skimmed through a few episodes and looks like it's going to be a fun watch.

 Will end off with some ultra scintillating pics of Rina from her AKB days, she has so many videos on YT but never did a gravure one. After the fabulous pics do have a video from the July 16th Osaka game where she threw out the first pitch.


  1. You haven't seen Sailor Zombie!?...bruh, you make me sad😢

  2. Zombied my way through two shows and it could be the finest drama of the past decade.... wonder where you guessed I put Rina on the list!!!! Hah, hah....

  3. Hah, hah, very funny...piece of shh🤫t...😊