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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Nogizaka46: The unsurpassed 'Nanase Nishino post' #39.....

 Certainly not the yuletide season yet but never too early to start being good for the sake of Miss Claus, wouldn't want her skipping your residence(again)!!!! Think this is Nanase's 25th solo post for this year and no other person is remotely close to her. That's an average of three a month and should be able to keep that pace up. After a semi quiet stretch have a feeling her activities will be picking up, the next 'Girls Awards' show is in less than three weeks.
 Nanase's future posts should all be as terrific as this one as I'm going to have a few oldies in them which are mainly some of her cards, mag spreads and whatever from 2012-13, think everything else since then has been posted. All of the oldie pics should be new but even if they're not bet many have never seen Nanase pics from five years ago or even if you did you've probably forgotten them.

 Hope that video at the top stays there, it just came out yesterday. Nogi has a newish show called 'Sekai Seifuku' which means world uniform. Actually don't think it's new as the first show aired in 2017, video above is for the fourth episode which was on NHK last night. Nanase was the host of the show and she says uniforms are something she's really into, the uniform she wore in last night's show is worn by conductors on the Chizu express line which runs in western Japan.

 There is one member who I'm sure most of us are missing but sadly the term 'Out of sight, out of mind' has been happening with me concerning her. Back in 2013 this trio of Nogi members did some CM's along with many promo pics for the energy drink Megashaki.

 Will have those oldie pics at the bottom of the post, there's not a ton of them as Nogi wasn't nearly as popular in 2013 but think I'll be able to spruce up the posts for the next month with them. The app game 'Nogi Koi' has been putting out so many new cards promoting the game lately.

 Nanase has been the host of the 'Lion no Gutouch' variety show since April 2016, pics here are from the past few weeks. Wonder if it's getting time for another season of 'NOGIBingo', the ninth season ended around last Christmas but that season just concentrated on the second and third generation members. The show has gone downhill but would like to see a return of the first generation gals for the tenth season as there's way too many who we don't see enough of these days.

 Every single Nanase post will always have plenty of pics from the Non-no site, there's so many there but besides that they all look superb. Before the end of the year will have a post or two with her best buddy and what a pair they are, keep promising a post for her friend but always forget about it. The bottom solo pic is my fave one.

 Nanase usually has ten or more solo pages in a Non-no magazine but for their October edition someone blew it as she had only five....

 On to some of those oldie things from 2013 I've mentioned a few times, think I'm going to enjoy investigating some of older activities from 5+ years ago. Will have plenty of these coming up which are Nogi cards from 2013.

 One thing that's baffled me is why Nogi members don't have individual calendars like AKB and their sister groups do. As a matter of fact didn't even notice a group calendar for this year though at one time Nogi did have them. In 2013 Nanase was the member for two weeks and it's kind of odd neither one was for when her birthday was.

 Have a pair of older mag spreads and don't think both of them were posted before. First off is from volume five of BLT Plus from March.

 This set may have been posted but even so it's so darn good it deserved an encore, these Nanase pics are from the July issue of Soccer King.

 This turned out to be one of Nanase's best posts and she's had too many like these to count. As fabulous as the above Non-no pair was an even better one was featured in a 2013 Big Comic Spirits spread. Already posted it but the video certainly needs to be viewed a hundred or more times....

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  1. Quite looking forward to GA and also TGC which is this week. Was hoping that there would put some models from the TGC to GA as well...which they did, but they split me faves on two lists man!