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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Keyakizaka46: 2018 Magazine scans #18 plus much, much more....

 Keya's sevenh single "Ambivalent" will be released in ten days, just one week after Nogi's next single and shocked they didn't put it off for another week or two. Above is the lineup and as with the first six singles Yurina will be the center. Was hoping the 'Yui-chans' would have had the honor but in some surprising news Yui I. won't be appearing on the single. She said there were some scheduling conflicts as she's filming a drama but it's hard to imagine she couldn't find some time as she will have a solo song on the single.
 Two other members won't be appearing on the single, one is Aoi and don't know why she'll be absent. The other is Manaka and she hasn't done any group activities in months, have a feeling she'll be shown the door soon and that's a shame as I really think she's one of the most attractive members. These are the covers and the single will be released in five versions.

 Hmmmm, wish they brought back their alternate center gal for the single..... these are from the Avalon radio show and you can see who the two regular hosts of the show are.

 Keya has some new CM's out for Lawson which is a convenience store chain. These are some promo pics and will try to find one of the new CM's which will be at the bottom of the post.

 Four days ago a quartet were at an event for Lawson, two were Hiragana members and will have a post for them soon. Team captain Yuuka was there and her first photobook finally dropped out of the top ten but it's been one of the best sellers this year.

 Did a post for it already but in case you missed it here are some pics from it again. The event was for GMO and a new gaming app for a Smartphone. But of more importance it was the first time I can recall them doing an event with Nogi and hope it's not the last time, still would like to see them do a few songs on a CD together.

 Neru was at the above event and her first PB which was released in December is coming close to 200,000 copies sold! Wonder who the next member to have a book will be, to me her first photobook was #1 last year as it topped all of the ones from Nogi. Will have more pics from this book coming up soon which are some from the group's Summer tour book.

 I enjoy these posts where there's such a variety of things versus just having mag spreads. Sad to say that none feature Nanako who is one of my fave members, never have seen her do any gravure spreads and am really curious about how she looks. Also without a mag spread today is Queen Risa who celebrated a b-day eight days ago and am working on a solo post for her.

 On to the spreads and thought there would have been more recent ones with the new single coming out. Bet there will be many in the next few weeks and the first one is a bit older one from the June edition of EX-Taishu which features Yui I.

 Just two spreads for today but least both are good sized ones, this final one contains seventeen pics. It's from the August 15th issue of Weekly Shonen and the subgroup Kanji Keyaki graced the cover. Thought their tune on the sixth single was the best song from it and they'll have another song on the new single. The trio of members are Minami, Neru and Rika, all look fabulous in the pics and really need to work on a solo post for Minami who has to be the most adorable Idol around. Found a new Lawson CM which you can view after the pics.

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