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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Nao Kanzaki: Nao's 'Top Twenty of All Time Faves' list.... #18!!!!

 When I originally made up the list Aya was one of the first names I thought of and figured she'd end up around the tenth position. As you can see I was way off on that prediction and there's so many huge faves who I thought would be higher, twenty names wasn't that difficult to come up with compared to what spot they would end up in.
 To me the word Idol has become so overused these days, just because you're a singer doesn't mean you automatically become one. Aya was a fairly popular J-Pop singer in the 2000's though I've never considered her to be an Idol, she was just an actress who became a singer. Sadly it's been nine years since Aya's last single and doubt if we'll ever her sing another tune, that'll be the case with many in the top twenty. At the top is the PV for her first single "Pureness" which is one of her best songs.

 The posts for Aya the past three years have really petered out. In 2012 she got married but that didn't stop her activities as she was just as busy as ever, however the arrival of her first child in 2015 meant she disappeared for a long stretch. Aya has been one of the busiest actresses the past fifteen years as she's been in ten films and close to 25 dramas. But since 2015 Aya has appeared in just one drama and two films.
 I've seen at least ten of her dramas and except for the second season of "Zettai Reido" all are solid watches, my faves would have to be "Attack #1, Hotelier and Namida o Fuite", also her "Install" movie from 2005 is a must watch. Have a feeling this may be one of the better posts for my top twenty faves, though Aya has been so quiet the past three years have about seventy new pics which have never been posted before and most are from the past fourteen months.
 Aya definitely has such an incredible figure on her but don't think she's ever done any gravure or swimsuit spreads unless she did them in her teens. However at events Aya really makes everyone's eyes pop out, have posted many events that she's attended and recommend going through her older posts for pics like these....

 Aya is probably best known in the West for appearing in the "Azumi" movie from 2003. Have seen it a bunch of times but thought it was very overrated, but the sequel to it is so much better and do recommend watching that one. No regular films for Aya this year but she did do a voice in the "Detective Conan:Zero Enforcer" anime film, it's the 22nd film in the series and anime movies in japan are just so popular. In the film Aya did the voice of Mariko, the film opened on April 13th and the following day her and the cast were at the TOHO Cinemas in Hibiya for it's official premiere.

 Have four mag spreads that have never been posted but before them how about some magnificent Aya pics from the long ago past....

 Aya will be turning 33 in about three weeks, she's the third oldest member on the list and it reminds me that the 'Zodiac post' is due this week. Hmmm, may skip it as three that will be on the list were also born under the Virgo sign, eight faves in all were born during that period.
 In 2017 Aya only appeared in one film "Hirugao" which came out in June. Right around that time she did four mag spreads and don't think she's done any since then. Even though she's married would still do posts for her but she's been so inactive as she's probably concentrating on motherhood. First set is from the June 6, 2017 issue of SPA!.

 Aya appears on another cover which is from the June 8th edition of Tokyo Walker Plus.

 Actually Aya is the cover girl for all four of today's spreads as she still must be so popular, third set is from the June 14th issue of Anan.

 Final Aya spread today is from the July edition of ar.

 Will end off with this, isn't Aya such an underrated dazzling woman!? This is an excellent bonus from July 2007 when Aya was 19, had never posted this pictorial which is from Bomb-TV and she's done two other collections for them. After the 28 pics check out a jaw-dropping video of Aya at the 25th 'Tokyo International Film Festival', it's what the pics near the top are from and is really worth a view. Aya was promoting the "Cirque du Soleil" movie though she didn't appear in it.

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  1. Full of surprises ain't ya. It's going to take a long time for me to place her low on a list