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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Nao Kanzaki: Nao's 'Top Twenty of All Time Faves' list.... #20!!!!

 It's finally that time and hope you have your own top twenty list to compare to mine. Not sure what the schedule will be for posting the list, will try to have #19 tomorrow and think after that three a week will bring us to the end of September. The top twelve wasn't difficult to figure out their positions, the bottom eight are so much harder as there's not much difference between 15th to 20th.
 Every post will be terrific though some much better than others and this should be one of the best ones. Problem for some of my all time faves is that a few haven't been that busy the past few years so there aren't too many new activities to post about. So may end having many older pics in those posts which may not be a bad thing as I'm sure many of you haven't read posts from 4+ years ago.

 In the last preliminary post said there was one fave I had forgotten about which meant the original #20 had to be dropped. As you can see Riho the was someone I had almost overlooked and wonder if there are any more? Will be saying this a few times in the upcoming posts but she's someone who deserves to be a bit higher, don't think many out there can top the combination of Riho's looks and personality as to me she seems to be one of the most likable women around.
 Riho will be turning 26 in January and the list definitely has older faves as being her that age makes her the third youngest gal on my top twenty. For a couple of years Riho was my fave gravure model but she didn't stay being one for long. That's good and bad, bad because very few in the world can top her looks but good because she's gone on to a very successful acting career.
 Have only seen her one drama and know if I had viewed more then she would have been higher on the list. This will be one of the better posts as Riho has been quite a busy gal lately and will be for the next few months as she has a film coming out in October plus will be starring in a stage play with a cast mate from her current drama. Want to watch that show which is titled "Caseworker's Diary" but as of now don't think it's being subbed. The series began on July 17th, on that same day there was an event held for it.
 EDIT: Did find subs for it so will be starting on this soon and may be recapping it too.

 On July 20th Riho released her first photobook "So Long", there's no good reason why it took her so long to have one. It was put out by WPB and some of the book has pics of her from the past four years. But there's also many new pics as she traveled south to a remote town called Alice Springs and shame on those who didn't try to see her. There was an event for the PB held on July 22nd and the book has been very successful as it's been in the top ten for sales since it was released. Video at the top of the post is from the event.

 There's a little over seventy pics for today and could have had more but will hold back a few things as I'd like to have another post for this mega fave soon. Being number twenty is truly an impressive feat when you consider how many gals I post about, 2-3 years from now she could be knocking on the door for the top spot. Riho is an exclusive model for Coco Deal though we haven't seen her at any fashion shows, these are recent pics from their site.

 There's also two pages promoting Coco Deal in the September issue of Sweet, why would they only have two pages featuring her????

 Have three ultra superb new lag spreads that have outtake pics from her first photobook. Years ago Riho did many gravure spreads but hasn't done one of them for at least two years but to me she still looks A++++, first set is from the July 25th edition of Weekly Shonen.

 For these three mag spreads Riho has the cover for all of them, this next fabulous set is from the July 30th issue of Big Comic Spirits.

 Besides having a hand in putting out her first PB WPB also had a mini photobbok of her last month and that's been one of the most viewed posts for the past month. Final spread today is from their
August 27th edition.

 Will end off with some scintillating Riho pics, she has so many hard to pick out which are the best but you can't go wrong with any of them. After them check out a short video from her Bomb-TV photo shoot from 2015.


  1. Thought you were joking about Alice Springs...but it seems you weren't so I sent word to the crocs and here's their reaction

  2. When you mentioned announcers in Rikako's last post thought you meant newscasters but after checking the names that wasn't the case. There are some truly attractive female announcers/hosts in Japan and some of them even put out photobooks! One definitely worth checking out is Ayako Kato and perhaps I need to do some posts for her.

  3. I didn't know what you'd call them but I just saw that they were 'announcers' from websites and stuff. Ayako is hot, Misato Ugaki is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen and Minami Tanaka is the bomb, a fine addition to a future list 👍

  4. Wanted to watch "Caseworker's Diary", but can't find english subtitles.
    Could you tell me where you found them. please?