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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Nogizaka46: 2018 Magazine scans #11....

 No extras for today as this was a spur of the moment post as I figured after two drama recaps most viewers needed an Idol post and especially one for Nogi. But do have five biggish spreads for today and with the new single coming out in six days would imagine there should be many more spreads on the horizon.
 Above is the lineup for the "Barrette" single from November 2013. It's not my fave Nogi song but it's my fave A-side and the only one featuring Miona as the center, don't we all miss the gal sitting to her left!?!? Here's the lineup for the upcoming "Jikochuu de Ikou!" single as they've gone from seventeen Senbatsu members to twenty one.

 These days I rarely post spreads featuring the third generation members, not that I dislike all of them but feel as though they took too many promotions away from some deserving Undergirls. There are a few who I do like so will start posting some of their sets as I'm sure there are probably some fans out there. These first two feature members who have the cover for Weekly Shonen and Mizuki has this first one from their May 23rd edition, older set but a mighty fine looking one.

 Think Minami may be my fave Japanese name, she's the tallest Nogi member at 170 cm and this Weekly Shonen spread is from their August 9th issue.

 Ayane is one of the more interesting Nogi members and I'm glad she's finally a Senbatsu member for the next single, Miria also merited a promotion. For so long she was the group's shyest member but she has slowly come out of her cocoon, think hosting her own radio show has helped her. Digi Station is a website mag that features women who wear glasses and these are from June.

 Should have held on to these for a solo post as Asuka is celebrating her 20th birthday in ten days but she appears in so many mags sure there will be some new sets in this next week or so. This fine set is from volume 31 of BLT Graph.

 Ranze has the final set which is from the same issue of BLT Graph. She was a Senbatsu member for a single or two and can't understand why she got demoted as she seems to be one of Nogi's more popular members. Talked at the top how "Barrette" is my fave Nogi single and you can view it after the pics, it's from the group's second Birthday Concert.

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