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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Nao Kanzaki: Nao's 'Top Twenty of All Time Faves' list preliminary post #2....

 No Korean actresses will be on the top twenty list, as I was compiling the names really didn't think about them. Perhaps I'll eventually do some sort of top ten post for them in the future and what I also need to do are some posts for them as I've been slacking off badly doing Korean posts. If they were included on the top twenty can see 3-4 of them who would have made the list including this pair. Not sure of the official start date but thinking about next weekend and of course #20 will lead off.

 Will be featuring once again my faves who didn't make the list. It's not a negative thing not making it as just twenty means the elite of the elite and I still like everyone mentioned today quite a bit though do knock one gal a bit. That first post just had Idols, will start off with them too as there's a few Hello Project members that were omitted in the first post. Sayumi was one who came oh so close to making the list and think I like her more these days then when she was in Morning Musume. She did have a recent mag spread which was dynamite so will try to have a post with new happenings soon.

 Since that last post did an adjustment to the eligibility requirements. Decided to have an age minimum of 23 and think that just affected one person who I'll talk about at the end of the post. Mizuki then wouldn't have been eligible for the list as she's just 21 but am mentioning her name anyway as I really, really think she's one of the hottest Idols of all time.
 Also just missing the list was Tomoko from Juice=Juice. May like her much more than some others who made the top twenty but there's just not enough things to post about her though she did have one two weeks ago and am working on another one for her which may be done this week. JJ released their second album last week and it did fairly well as it was fifth on the Oricon charts. In another hint for you her buddy in the bottom pic will be making the list but sure most knew that.

 Really the only person who I will slam a bit is Gakky and she's one long time fave who has kind of fallen out of favor with me. She's a gal who does practically nothing and have really gotten tired of that, also don't feel as she's that good of an actress these days. As a teen Gakky did a good job in her dramas and films but the older she's gotten the more boring she's become and she never seems to take any kind of challenging roles. First four pics are from a 'Code Blue' event that took place a few days ago while the bottom is for a new CM for Bioliss.

 Ayaka is another who didn't miss the list by much but once you add the new age rule in she couldn't have made it as her age is just 22. She's had a bad trend the past few years of being busy until June and then disappearing, sadly that's what she's done this year. Hope she picks up the pace a bit as she's someone who would finish high on this year's 'Top Faves' List.

 Can't think of a good reason why Kasumi didn't finish in the top twenty but on the other hand couldn't find a good reason either for her making it. Do like her so much and what a knockout she is but in all honesty think she's an overrated actress, she's okay but nothing special and she's been someone that's been so quiet this year.

 Also quiet this year has been Rika, in 2017 she was seemingly everywhere but that hasn't been the case for 2018. She looks so grand at events and after appearing at ten or so last year she's only been at one this year plus we haven't seen Rika in as many mags. Am working on a post for her and there's little doubt she's one of the hottest gals around.

 No gravure models made the list though one big fave could be considered a partial one. Haven't heard much of anything this year from this pair but I really dig both of them and know so many others do too, least Shizuka has released two videos this year.

 Up last for today is the person responsible for the new age rule and it will affect the order quite a bit. That's because Jurina would have been in the top ten and and have a feeling if I do a list again in three years she'll top the list. To me she's the hottest of the hottest but she's just 21, thought that if I've been following someone for four or more years then they would be at least 23 which sadly isn't the case here.
  Jurina is also taking a break from SKE citing health issues and to me think she's finally getting tired of the Idol world as she doesn't do as much work these days like she used to such as appearing in mags or at events, still want to know where her second photobook is. Here's another hint for everyone who may be trying to figure out all of the twenty names. Someone I mentioned in the last post will be taking her place and to keep two '48' gals on the list her replacement will be from one of the groups. She's also my fastest rising fave and she may be close to the top ten.


  1. Kinda got what ya mean with Gakky. Now that Gakky has sorta done the same...2 roles or so, something teary eyed or lighthearted, she's kinda locked in it now which is a shame coz 'crime' is my favourite genre(fave crime movie is 'tropa de elite' btw) and so far I can't imagine her being in a crime movie or drama besides those really light hearted ones or ones where the main character is a weirdo but is genius.

  2. Even in the seasons of 'Code Blue' which is a bit edgy at times Gakky comes off as such a boring and drab person. Don't know what happened to her as up until the age of 22 or so she was a fine actress. She should take a few hints from Erika who has done many edgy roles and the pair are friends in real life.
    "The Wings of the Kirin" was kind of a crime film, Abe luckily had the lead role in it. "Fure Fure Girl" was kind of a sappy movie but that was one I enjoyed immensely.

  3. Was gonna watch 'Code Blue' coz it has got all these well known actors and stuff but seeing that it's a medical show, it doesn't rub well with me. I can't get into medical shows, they're probably good but maybe coz the perspective is from a medic and not like a cop or gangster is why I don't like it as much. 'Wings of Kirin' rubbed off a bit for me coz I can only remember bits of it. After watching 'tropa de elite' and a couple of other action/crime shows that are not from the asian region, I've gone back to being lost in what to follow up the other watches with haha. On a side note, it's quite hard to choose 20 for an 'all time faves' I'm stuck on one number...20.