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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Nao Kanzaki: The first and hopefully last.... 'Newlywed(?) post!'

 As the title says hopefully won't have to do another of these posts but there's been two recent marriages and don't know if anyone has heard about them. Surprisingly not many of my bigger faves who are 27 and older have tied the knot, think it's just seven out of about forty. But as I said there have been two of them in the past few weeks and hoping that's not going to turn into a trend.
 When someone does get married I stop posting about them. Personal decision doing that as I feel kind of funny posting gravure pics or whatever when they're married with children, figure there's plenty of other women I can post about. On to those seven who have wed and first off is the person above who did announce she may be getting married in July.

 Of course it's Erina that is leading off, back in May on her Line blog she did tell us she had been dating a soccer player and they were going to announce their wedding in July. She finally made a statement about it on her blog about ten days ago and it is now official. This guy plays for a team in Spain so it's definitely a long distance marriage and wonder how long it may last. Of the faves who I'll be talking about today all of them have stayed married though the longest one has only been six years and she turned 27 in April.

 Next up is the one union which really shocked me as I had heard zero rumors about. On July 25th Mirei(!) announced that she had tied the knot with Miura Shohei who is an actor and he seems like a decent guy. The two lived in the same apartment building and had known each other for a while but don't think anyone saw this event coming. I was once such a huge fan of her but that's waned over the past few years, quite an attractive woman who really needs to gain ten or more pounds and she'll be turning 29 in December.

 Actually these next two haven't been married and I really thought one or both would have taken the plunge by now. Masami is now 31 and some years ago there were rumors of her seriously dating someone though that was a while ago and don't she's been involved with any man for years now.  Hoping her and the other fave will hold out for a long time and perhaps they will as there have been plenty of actresses who never get married and have kids. Been a while since she's had a post and that's all my fault as I had forgotten about her but will work on a few for her soon.
  Erika is the other gal who I thought would be hitched by now. She doesn't seem like the marrying type but she has been in many relationships though none have lasted for a long time. She'll be turning thirty in less than two weeks, like the other gal time isn't quite running out but I seldom read about actresses who are 35+ and get married for the first time.

 Have been talking much more about my 'Top Twenty of All Time' list. Will be doing a post about it soon, think I'm confident of the twenty chosen but unsure what kind of format I want to do. Of the seven brides five will be making that list plus the two above, now you just have to figure out who the other thirteen will be,
 There's no doubt Aya will be making the list as she was one of my first fave actresses. Don't think she was ever referred to as an Idol and that's a word the past few years that has become overused. Just because you're a singer doesn't mean you're an Idol, Aya had a long singing career but is known much more for her acting and most of her dramas are worth watching. She'll be turning 33 in September and has been married for six years to Hiro from Exile, they have one son and actually have done a few posts for her even since that marriage.

 Saki won't make the top twenty list but the three after her will. Have always liked her immensely and thought she was such an underrated beauty and sadly she doesn't have enough posts here. Like the above gal she's 33 and got married two years to an office worker, bet actresses who marry regular guys tend to stay married longer.

 Of all the huge faves I miss posting about Maki would easily top that list and she has over 140 posts though none in the past three years. Would have continued with the posts but for now she's retired from the entertainment industry, bet she'll resume that career once her son is older. She got married three years ago to an actor, besides being such a stunner I really enjoyed her dramas so much and have seen eight of them along with about the same amount of films.

 Yui is another fave who I really miss, there's no doubt she's my #1 gravure model of all time though she is a solid actress too. She has two of the top photobooks from this decade and the amount of times I've viewed her in "Umi wo Kanjiru Toki" is sky high. Along with so many other millions was surprised she doffed her clothes in the film, she was of this world but had lost a bit too much weight for the movie. She's now 32 and got married three years ago, the announcement came out of nowhere and that's been the case with most of today's brides. Yui is still quite popular here, often have her in the featured post which draws many views and have a terrific one for today though if you read this in two days it'll have been changed.

 Unfortunately had to remove most of her posts due to the fact so many pics in them had been deleted. Will try to replace some of them in the near in the near future and the person I'm talking about is Ayumi. Bet many have forgotten about her or perhaps have never heard of her but for all of the nine gals mentioned today she would be my #1.
 Ayumi will easily make my top twenty list and know people will be shaking their heads but to me she has an outside shot at taking the top spot. I truly think she's an amazing looking gal plus she's such a good actress. She has a few excellent DVD's, was watching "Letter" yesterday which is highly recommended though very rare. First saw her in the 2004-05 Sentai series 'Dekaranger' which is my fave of all time. A drama worth checking out is the first season of "Uramiya Honpo" and that series is subbed. She got married to an designer about six years ago and has a pair of children but has continued her career. Few great pics here plus check out a video after them, she's today's oldest fave as she'll be turning 36 in December. She was also my first mega fave and that happened when I bought a copy of the Japanese version of 'New Type the Live' mag back in 2006.

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