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Monday, August 27, 2018

Nao Kanzaki: Nao's 'Top Twenty of All Time Faves' list.... #15!!!!

 You may recall at first I wasn't going to have Mai in my top twenty. Upon further reflection thought there's no way she shouldn't be on this list as she's definitely one of my top twenty of all time, would imagine she would be on every viewers 'Top Faves' list. This is a solid position, only been following her and Nogi since 2014 so if she remains just as active for a few more years bet if there's ever another one of these lists done she'd be knocking on the door for the top spot.
 Mai turned 26 exactly a week ago, her looks have changed so much in the past six years and there's little doubt she's one of the most stunning females in the world. For the past year so many fans have been wondering when Mai will announce her graduation and luckily that sad moment hasn't occurred yet. Which makes so much sense to me, being an ultra popular Idol isn't something that lasts forever so why not stay being one as long as possible?
 Plus Nogi is close to being the #1 J-Pop group in Japan, her leaving may put an end to that. Sure Mai has a long future after Nogi, she should wait until she's thirty or so before moving on to a full time acting career or whatever she wishes to do. As mentioned her 26th b-day took place on August 20th, in the bottom pic she's celebrating with another Nogi gal who also had a b-day then.

 Mai has over 340 posts(!) so almost anything that could have been posted about her has. But somehow have close to forty new pics for today and think they'll be more new things soon so she may have another post next week. Didn't know about this until a little while ago but Mai did a guest spot on tonight's "Zettai Reido" drama and guess that means I'll have to check it out. This is the show's third season, first was such an excellent show while the second was one of the worst I ever viewed. But the cast is slightly different for this third season so odds are good that I'll start on it soon, she looks like a gal you don't want to get upset....

 Mai is one of Nogi's worst bloggers, she finally did an entry yesterday after not doing one since.... January!!!! However do have some superb new cards for the 'Nogi Koi' app game.

 Have a pair of new mag spreads for today, she's now an exclusive model for With but quit being one for the Larme and Ray magazines. Don't miss too many Mai spreads but somehow overlooked this one which is from the July edition of Bijin Hyakka.

 Wisely Mai is the cover girl for the other set which is from the September issue of Goethe.

 There is one other Nogi member who will make the top twenty list but haven't decided where to put her yet. For all of the posts I have for Idols only two members from both AKB and Nogi made the list though many just mssed making it.
 Mai's 2017 photobook "Passport" is the best selling PB of all time for Idols. It's still selling consistently at about a thousand or so copies a week, grand total right now stands at 292,000+ copies sold. The only drawback about it is that there was no video of the photo shoot, a DVD of that would have sold better than hotcakes. Will end off with some pics from the PB, think it's about time for another book from her. No video for the photobook but do have one after the pics from a Mai Big Comic Spirits photo shoot from April that hadn't been posted before.

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