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Monday, August 20, 2018

Nao Kanzaki: Nao's 'Top Twenty of All Time Faves' list.... #19!!!!

 Not sure if Kii is correct with that statement, to me there's been no female more kawaii than her since the beginning of time. Making the all time top twenty list is truly an honor when you think about how many actresses, celebs, models and Idols there are from Japan. But there's three long time faves on the list who have disappointed me and their fans the past few years, all should have made the top ten yet none did.
 Kii may have been my #1 gal from 2012-14, she has well over a hundred posts yet only seven(?) or so from the past three years. Besides being ultra kawaii Kii is such a superb actress and had the lead role in six(!) films in 2012-14. But in September 2014 she joined the 'ZIP!' show as a co-host, at the time mentioned in a post that it'd be a career killer and it was.

 It's an entertainment show that airs five days a week, a host isn't on the screen too often during it's two hour showing yet she had to be there every day. Know that had to cut into her acting as since then she's been only in a handful of dramas and films, none of them were as popular as her previous efforts. Haven't seen any of them as except for one all are below the radar dramas and films, wonder if she regrets becoming a host and that gig ended in September 2016.
 Hate to put down someone like Kii as I like her just so, so much and have really missed her the past few years. Some of these posts will have quite a few new pics from happenings while others will mainly have older pics as some gals such as Kii hardly have any new things to post or talk about. One new activity this year was that she had the lead role in her third stage play which was called "Tokyo House of Dolls". It opened on May 14th but ran for only two weeks, pics here are from an interview for the Spice website wile the others were from a small event for the play on May 10th.

 Kii is such an excellent actress, I've seen just about everything she's been in. While not every drama or film is a must watch none of them have ever been bad and can't think of any other actress I can say that about. To me her best drama may have been "School!" from 2011, that is one of the best underrated dramas most people haven't seen. It has such a talented cast and highly recommend it, didn't recap the series for some reason but will be watching it again soon.

 What I did view again recently was her 2009 film "Halfway", have probably watched it twenty times. The film was a big hit and Kii became a bit of a star because of it but every film she's been in has been solid and have seen ten of her movies.

 A TV movie that was reviewed was "Miracle World" aka Bizarre Stories from 2008. All of those movies are quite enjoyable and two of them air every year. Kii played a high school student who walked around school as a spirit as her best friend had pushed her off a roof! Don't know if they're still available but I bought eight of them which were all subbed for just $5 each!!!!

 Just a few random pics and it's such a shame there aren't too many new ones, Kii does have a blog but hasn't done an entry since May.

 Kii is now 27, she celebrates her b-day on March 15th and so many of my bigger faves were born under the Pisces sign. Her last photobook came out in 2011 and was naturally called "Twenty" referring to her age. Pics here are from the book and to me some of these rate higher than an A+++++++. After the pics check out the trailer for the terrific "Halfway" film which is a must watch and as a bonus it's subbed in English. Didn't talk about Kii's singing career but do have videos in her older posts, I really enjoyed her tunes and it's such a shame she stopped that side of her career.


  1. Huh? She made Top 19 and Sayumi M. did not?

    1. Nah, still no Sayumi M. Not even same zip code.

  2. Don't expect everyone to agree with my selections but it is my top twenty and in all honesty wished she made the top five. Everyone else is welcome to submit their top twenty or whatever list, I really like Sayumi quite a bit too but like a few others she just barely missed the cut.

  3. Almost ready to submit mine but dunno how I'm gonna do it, all in one post or as we go so like I put my #18 on your #18 post n stuff.