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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Nao Kanzaki: Nao's 'Top Twenty of All Time Faves' list preliminary post #1....

 Have finally have decided on the twenty huge faves of mine who will be making their appearances on my upcoming 'Top Twenty of All Time' list. Will be starting on it in about two weeks as it's going to take some time to create the posts and will start from twenty and naturally go all the way down to #1. That position is still up in the air along with every other spot though don't think it'll be too difficult.
 Had created a list of eighteen names, left two blank as knowing me figured I forgot a name or two. That did happen and it's for the two you see at the top. Really shocked me that I almost overlooked them and especially Misa who could me my current fave Idol. She will the toughest gal to find a spot for, she could be anywhere from fifth to 15th.... looks like she feels fifth wouldn't be high enough!

 For these two posts will describe a bit of the list and how the faves got picked, probably describe things more in the second post. Mainly these two posts will be for the gals who didn't make the list and know some names I'll talk about today will surprise you. But it's an all list, just because you've been one of my big faves for the past year wouldn't be enough to make the list, sure if I do another one in two years they'll be a few new faces.
 Want to add in too if you want to make your own list feel free to, put it in the comment section and we'll see how few we agreed on. You can also try to figure out all twenty who will be on my list, have given you nine names already which leaves you eleven. If you're been a long time viewer you should be able to figure out most of them but bet there's around five that may surprise you.
 Most of the gals you'll see are a bit older than you're used to, many I've been following since I got into Japanese dramas, films and music over a decade ago. These days I realize the posts are more Idol orientated but looking at the names more actresses than Idols made the list. Today's faves are ones who barely missed the list for one reason or another, all are still huge faves to me and there's really not much of a difference between someone who finished 18th and the one who ended up 22nd. Also today will concentrate on Idols, next post will be for actresses and whoever.
 Thought the list I created before the two add ones contained eighteen names, my addition was off as the total was 19 which left me one over. So needed to drop a name off the list and it honestly hurt me to drop Yuu Kikkawa off the list, she's made my top ten the past two years. Tried and tried to fit her back on but just couldn't find a spot for her, it may appear easy to add someone like her in but once you add someone in you need to drop someone and it starts an endless cycle.

 Originally thought Rina Kawaei was going to be the first name outside the top twenty, but 22nd is an impressive spot considering how many thousands of actresses, models and idols there are. Sure she would have shocked many if she made the list and know there will be a few selections that will surprise you, if I did this list two years from now know Rina would make it as her acting career is really taking off since her AKB graduation.

 Only two(!) from the '48' family made the list, thought there would have been more. These days I post much more about Idols than anyone else but really like actresses so much more. But AKB members who were with the group since the beginning are some gals who I truly like so much but in an unending story just couldn't find a spot for them.
 Of my faves who missed the list know this first gal will be the most shocking. That's Yuki and would have loved to have her on the list but it seems there's twenty faves who I like over her. For a few years Mariko was my #1 Idol, if she couldn't make the list then you know how tough compiling it was. If she was a bit busier since her graduation she would have been in the top twenty and you could say the same thing about Rena from SKE who has kind of disappeared the past year. The bottom two pics with her feature an actress who didn't miss the list by much.

 Back at the end of March listed my top ten 'Hottest 48 members' of all time. This pair took the top two spots and to me both are just so sweltering but it took more than that to make the list so sadly neither Miyuki nor Nana made it, perhaps another list should be one for AKB members.

 Will end off here, the other Idols I'll discuss in the next post will be H!P gals. Sure most of you expected there to be more than one Nogi member in my top twenty considering how many posts the group has. Think it hurts Idols more when they're in such a huge group though can't say that as much for Nogi's most popular members.
 Nanami would have made it easily had she not graduated, if you think about it her Idol career wasn't all that long which was the main reason for her exclusion. Mai may have been the hardest person to leave off the list, there are very few current women who can top her looks and I can't find any fault with her. Can't quite put my finger on why she didn't make the list but seems the other twenty I like more than her and longevity did play a bit of a part in the tiebreakers.


  1. Woah, really thought Nanami would be on your list guaranteed as there's a shot of her lookin into your soul on the right. You really gathered up some cold cases here. I'm gonna place down a $2 bet tho that Yuko Oshima is on the list and her placement is...12

  2. On a bloody side note, look at this


    Yui. I is leaving!! Could see it coming but s***!!!

  3. Saw that coming and the decision was made months ago as Yui isn't on the new single save for a solo tune. Haven't listened to one second of the new single yet but it seems almost every fan feels it's their worst single to date.
    Yuko is one of my more disappointing mega faves, two years ago she would have been in the running for the top spot and now she won't end up in the top ten. The huge mystery is what happened to her? Haven't done a post for her in about fourteen months as it seems aliens may have abducted her....

  4. She's probably their leader by now and is saving the universe in a galatic war with other extraterrestrial life...
    My taste in music is all over the place like I've gone back to UVERworld music so can't really get back to 46 music in general, heard a couple of the latest 46 tracks but idk, leaves me shrugging.

  5. That blah feeling could go for most of the current J-Pop tunes as it seems so many sound the same these days and quality wise they don't compare to the olden days. Still listen to quite a bit of J-Pop but it's almost always older things such as from the 90's when solo artists dominated. Never will get tired of
    C-ute so still play their music often and do the same for Nogi though I can't listen to anything past single 16 as their newer songs want to make me retch. Juice=Juice has a new album out though it's mainly their second greatest hits collection but am going to give that a few listens to soon.

  6. I get the feeling that most of the J-tunes is more based on the lyrics than the catchiness or welcoming of the sound itself so kinda listen to other idol groups instead like 'empire' and stuff or just other genres or even other decades of music. I feel there's a loss of individuality in the music y'know like I hear a bunch of ppl "singing" a line to me instead of a person singing a line to me y'know. There's no 'this one sings this, this one sings that' which to me breaks the quality. Right now is not the best time for me to be commenting(#alco) but j-idols aren't really known to be top class in vocals but if vocals can't do then just the mere catchiness will do from what I see. I've pretty much dropped jpop as there has been nothing for me to hang onto but yeah, the cuppa tea is too sweet for me. Enough of my thoughts for today tho

  7. Now you know why only three from the '46' and '48' groups will make the top twenty list. Actually Hello Project groups have always had good singers which is why I prefer those groups. The size of a group does matter, when you have 20+ Senbatsu members like Nogi does it's easy for many to get lost in the shuffle as some of their members are such horrible singers.
    On the other C-ute or until recently Juice=Juice only had five members, there's no hiding behind anyone else so you better be a good singer. They're known more for their acting but on the top twenty list three solo singers will be on it and have usually preferred those kinds of J-Pop artists.

  8. I sorta found it weird at the start, wondering why it takes 20 ppl to sing a song coz who can keep their eyes out for each one. Harmonising is a factor that gets screwed a bit with idol music sometimes like it sounds like a church gathering, a bit dull. Sometimes I feel the way they make the music is to make it easy to sing so to say, like I could imagine Reika or Misa getting a high note if it was made by someone else but with the current way with 20 ppl, everybody is kinda on the same level in performance so it's like you make good singers average and bad singers average so everyone's average which I guess is what makes smaller groups bit better. If it wasn't for their tv shows, we probably would've never known who the good singers were...I think that's enough s*** talking for today haha. 'DAOKO' is prob my fave current soloist, good stuff👍

  9. Is that Mai Shiraishi in the last picture?
    If so, where is it from?

    1. That's indeed Mai Shiraishi m8 and I believe the shot is from her 2nd PB called 'passport' which we all need to get to Japan ASAP!!