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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Nogizaka46: The großartig 'Erika Ikuta post' #8....

 Nogi's new single was released today and had all intentions of doing a group mag post as there's been a few new spreads plus was going to have some sales figures for the single. But was looking at all of these Erika pics that I've accumulated from the past few months and said the group post can wait for tomorrow as there's someone so much more deserving.
 Another reason for this post today was because of the one I did yesterday talking about my all time top twenty list. Just one Nogi member will appear on it and did talk about a pair who just missed. However there's another member who I forgot to mention and that's Erika, may be hard to believe to many of you but she just may have been the 21st fave of mine that had to get left off the list. Perhaps she doesn't have nearly as many solo posts as others but in all honesty she could be my second current fave Nogi member and to me she's easily the most talented Idol around.

 Sigh, someone isn't pleased with my thoughts but then again there's no pleasing some people.... least one doesn't seem to upset....

 If you're an Erika fan(and who isn't), then you're going to truly love today's post as there's over a hundred pics and this is one of the best Nogi posts in a long time. Have a little bit of everything such as many Nogi cards from this year, blog pics, mag spreads, promo events and other news. Not sure why it took me so long to have another Erika post but she is fourth among members for total posts and is pummeling the gal in fifth who is my #1 member.
 Not sure where to begin so how about some recent blog pics? Would have had more but went to the group blog today and it was down for maintenance but still have a few fabulous pics with the fourth being my fave.

 As many fans know Erika was born in Germany and lived her first five years there, hence the word in the title but my keyboard doesn't have the fourth character. Erika is such a talented singer and actress, she's starred in so many popular stage plays the past four years and to me because of her popularity outside of the group thought she would have graduated by now. Her current stage play which will run for another ten days is 'Moazart', sure most know who he is and he's from Austria where German is their main language. The play began all the way back on May 26th at the Imperial Theater in Tokyo, first pics are from opening night while the rest are from a Walker Plus interview for the play.

 In 2017 Erika starred in the immensely popular play "Romeo and Juliet". She'll be starring in the play again which begins On February 4th and rehearsals for plays must take such a long time.

 Erika's first and only photobook was released on her 19th birthday back in January 2016. That's almost three years ago and though she looked dynamite in the PB these days she could, to me, be the second hottest member in Nogi. Perhaps all of her stage plays have taken up too much time but can't understand why she hasn't had a second book as how many current women can top her?

 Won't have such a huge gap between Erika posts, there's even more happenings with her than what's posted today and will work on having those soon. Shame the feature had only two pics but what fabulous ones they are which are brand new from the CQ Japan site.

 Have many, many Nogi cards for this year but don't go anywhere after viewing them because there's a few new mag spreads to view. The cards are in order by month up until July and the ones following them are special ones such as for Nogi's 20th single "Synchronicity" and it ends off with some new ones from the group's 'Nogi Koi' app game.

 Erika had a few swimsuit pics in her photobook which have been her only ones like that, she may be the only member who has remained conservative which is a plus to me. However even covered up it's easy to see what a dazzling woman she is.... kind of thinking it's a shame she didn't make the cut for the top twenty but in two years she may be a contender for the top spot. Ultra fine set of pics here are from the July edition of UTB.

 Thought there was more than that one new mag spread but once my addition is off. however there have been a couple of missed sets this year such as this small one from the June issue of BLT.

 Think there's been a few other missed solo Erika spreads for this year so will have them in her next post, this final set is from the July issue of Kadokawa Direct as she shows us her culinary skills. After the pics is a short video from the opening night of the 'Mozart' play though she doesn't appear until the one minute mark but what a voice she has!

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