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Friday, August 24, 2018

Nogizaka46: 2018 Magazine scans #14....

 Haven't heard any news about Himeka since her November graduation, seems most of the departees were Nogi's funniest and interesting members. No news about any upcoming photobooks but she was a gal who so many of us would have loved to see have one.
 Two week sales total for Nogi's 21st single "Jikochuu de Ikou!" stands at 1.06 million copies sold. It'll probably end up being the group's second or third biggest seller but the two week total is 150,000 less copies sold than their 20th single "Synchronicity". There's no doubt Keya releasing their latest single a week after Nogi's new song affected sales, still can't understand why management decided to put out the songs so close to together.

 Mai celebrated her 26th b-day four days ago. Didn't do a post for the occasion nor are there any new pics of her today as I'm planning on having a solo post or two for her in the next week or so.

 Nogi's Summer tour was much shorter than usual, only eight concerts in all but perhaps they'll have a few in November and December like they did last year. Also noticed the group didn't appear at many events promoting the single with new tie-ins with companies, there were a few but not as many as previous singles.
 However a trio of members did attend an event on August 22nd. It was for the 'Kyoto Nippon Festival' which is held from October 6th until December 2nd. It's a festival which promotes their culture, food and arts, read that Nogi will have an exhibit there that may feature some art from the members. At the event were Nogi's captain Reika along with Manatsu and Yumi, that's a threesome you don't see represent the group often at events.

 On to the spreads and have four sets for today. The third generation member Minami must be getting popular recently as this is her third solo set this Summer and this spread is from a special Flash edition called 'Best of Summer 2018'. She's Nogi's tallest gal at 170 cm, none of the first generation members are over 163 cm who is Ami.

 Missed a birthday as Kana turned 24 on August 6th, she jumps back and forth between the ranks of an Undergirl and a Senbatsu member. This set is from the September issue of EX-Taishu.

 Also in that issue is the dazzling Miona, if I decide to do a 'Top Ten Fave Nogi Member' list this year she has a chance to take the top spot though for now would have her in second place.

 Wanted to have another solo Erika post but there just weren't enough new things as her last one was just a few weeks ago. Know she's extremely popular in Japan but don't think you can say that about her here but I really like her so much and this final set is from the September 3rd Young Magazine.


  1. Word has it that Himeka went to fix the lantern of a lighthouse at night. She couldn't do it so she went "himetan beeeeeeamuuu" to guide the ships for the rest of the night...Word also has it that her headlights were on low beam and she didn't know how to make it stronger so she went "beeeeamu" to find the way home. I trust my sources...

  2. Miona Hori is a dead ringer for Sakuna Miyawaki