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Friday, August 24, 2018

Nao Kanzaki: Nao's 'Top Twenty of All Time Faves' list.... #17!!!!

 This selection may pain me the most as I've raved about Manami for years and naturally thought she'd have a top ten spot all locked up. That's not the case as you can see and she's been one of only two women who have made every 'Top Faves of the Year' list. May prefer conservative gals like Manami more than ones that do many gravure spreads/photobooks but think she's become too conservative the past few years.
 Hate to use the word boring but she's slowly becoming that way lately, she's a fine actress but wish she would take more challenging roles and less romantic/fluffy ones. Manami though is still one of the most beautiful gals around, ending up in the 17th position isn't all her fault as others have really zoomed up the past few years.

 Manami is best known for the 'Code Blue' drama but to me her best show has been "Maijo Saiban" from 2009. Don't think I ever recapped the series but that's her ultimate one by far and may have it in my top five of all time, hard to top the first pic....

 Do have some new Manami activities and as expected the "Code Blue" movie was a massive success. The film came out on July 27th and on August 9th there was a thank you event for the fans as it was #1 at the box office it's first two weeks out.

 Manami turned 32 in June but still looks more irresistible than ever, on the list six faves are thirty or over with two about to hit that age in October. Pics here are from a recent interview for the Zakzak site.

 Can't recall Manami ever modeling kimonos before but she is now with these brand new pics being for the Hurst Ladies Autumn/Winter collection.

 Manami just does a so-so job at keeping her Instagram site updated with new pics, the third and fourth ones are from a trip she just took to Spain.

 That's it for new happenings so will end off with some stupendous Manami pics over the years, she's no gravure model but very few woman in the world can top her though sixteen from Japan might. After the pics have a short video from her ex-agency Rising Production, Manami used to have so many of these short videos which are so enjoyable but sadly she doesn't do them these days. What I really like about them is that she has one of the more clearer voices to listen to if you're trying to learn the Japanese language.

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