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Friday, October 28, 2016

Yui Aragaki: "Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu" drama episode two recap with screenshots

 Start Date: October 11, 2016 airs at 10:00 pm on TBS

Main Cast:

Yui Aragaki as Miyuri Moriyama
Gen Hoshino as Hiramasa Tsuzaki
Yuriko Ishida as Yuri Tsuchiya
Takashi Ukaji as Tochio Moriyama
Yasuka Tomita as Sakura Moriyama
Ryohei Otani as Ryota Kazami
Arata Furata as Yoritsuna Numata
Takashi Fujii as Hideshi Hino
Erina Mano as Yasue Tanaka

 This is one of those dramas which is a solid watch yet not an easy one to recap. It's not a confusing show to follow nor are there so many things going on it's hard to keep track of. Perhaps those who have watched the first two episodes know what I mean, it's even hard to explain here why it's a difficult show to post about. Then again I just may be a bit brain dead(as usual) which makes even my name hard to recap.
 If you haven't read the recap for the first episode then would suggest checking that out as I don't plan on talking about the events from that show. One thing I will bring up is the 'de-facto marriage', wasn't sure what that meant but it was described a bit in the beginning. In simple terms it means a couple who live together yet aren't legally married. The reason Miyuri and Hiramasa are doing that is that she's living with him as a full time housekeeper yet they've told both of their parents they're about to be married the regular way.

 Those two screenshots were from the opening scene, can't understand what was going on along with what was going on with some brief scenes in the first episode being shot documentary style. Perhaps that will be explained later but as of now have no clue why Miyuri was appearing on a Channel 23 newscast. Back to the story and the about to be wedded couple have met each others parents. Both had thought there were going to be difficulties getting their parent's permissions but there were none but then again they didn't let on what kind of marriage it was.
 There were really only two major scenes in the show, the beginning where the above took place and the end when two of Hiramasa's co-workers visited their apartment. The middle portion was mainly about Miyuri and Hiramasa getting to know each other better and they seem to be getting along very well even though she's been only living with him for a few days. As a matter of fact they haven't mentioned it to each other but they are quickly falling for each other or at least developing some caring feelings, hasn't happened yet but that first spat is probably coming up very soon.

 Hiramasa's 'marriage' has certainly shocked a few people at his office, they had no idea he even had a girlfriend and most presumed he would always remain a bachelor. Few times he's referred himself to Miyuri as a 'professional bachelor' as he also though he would always remain single. Two of his co-workers don't believe that he did get married and think the whole story is a sham, they wanted to visit him at his apartment but Hirasama wouldn't allow it.
 He did invite one co-worker, Hino, to his residence as he was married with children. But on that day one of his children fell ill, much to the dismay of Hiramasa the two co-workers who thought the marriage was a sham, Kazami and Numata, showed up to take Hino's place. Hiramasa and Miyuri worked frantically to get the apartment spruced up to make it look like they were a married couple, it worked until the very end.
 Kazami and Numata stayed for dinner, Numata was very impressed with Miyuri's cooking and it turns out she got the recipes from a food blog that Numata writes. The pair are getting ready to leave when a thunderous storm hits, all the trains are out of service and they're forced to spend the night at Hiramasa's apartment.

 Hiramasa has a one bedroom apartment, Miyuri has been sleeping on a futon in the living room. But now that his two co-workers are forced to spend the night what are the couple going to do? As you can see by the above screenshot Miyuri offers to spend the night on the floor but Hiramasa won't hear of it though Miyuri eventually makes him relent.
 But instead of the two sharing the room Hiramasa joins Kazami and Numata in the living room and the trio sleep together on the floor. By the next afternoon the storm has passed, now it's finally time for Kazami and Numata to leave. As they're departing the very curious Numata finally manages to sneak a peek at their bedroom, upon his observation the marriage isn't what it seems. It's just a small single bed with one pillow, he puts two and two together but what will happen from his discovery won't come out until the next episode.
 In the final minutes Miyri and Hiramasa go back to their usual sleeping arrangements. He has a hard time nodding off as the scent of Miyuri has stayed in his bed and he can't stop thinking of her. Miyuri also can't sleep as her mind is on Hiramasa, as mentioned in the beginning looks like the pair are truly falling for each other very quickly.

 That episode was actually much easier to describe than I thought, need to stop thinking so much. It's been only two episodes but so far have really enjoyed the show and hopefully the subs for the third episode will be done soon. They're being done by mottofreaky but even if they are done quickly may wait until the fourth episode is done and recap two episodes back to back. That will probably make it easier for all of you to follow the action, you'll know soon enough how it works out and here's plenty more screenshots from the show.
 Just checked and there's some very good news for this drama as it receive a rating of 12.1% for this episode. The first show only had a rating of 10.2% so that's a big increase, perhaps that first show had to go up against some special program so let's hope the ratings stay high.


  1. wait a minute is that ryohei otani? thought he acted exclusively in korean movies. i guess mina fujii and otani are going back to japan for work

  2. Yes it is him, the last few years Mina has switched back and forth between countries so perhaps he's doing the same.