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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Nogizaka46: The 'Nanase Nishino post' #8(?) - "Kaze wo Kigaete" promo event pics

 That's a promo pic for Nanase's second photobook "Kaze wo Kigaete" which came out on September 27th. Oricon hasn't released their charts for last week yet but there's no doubt the PB topped the charts, as a matter of fact it did the previous week even though it hadn't been released as the pre-sales were so high. Few more pics from the book which was shot in Italy and Malta back in May and Nanase celebrated her 22nd during the photo shoot.

 Think it's a requirement that every PB has to have at least one pic of an Idol brushing their teeth, that's not the only one like that in the book. A rare event happened yesterday which is that Nanase did a blog entry and posted some pics from the photo shoot.

 There was a promo event for the PB today which took place at the Sabunado bookstore in Shinjuku, seems most of these photobook events take place there. Nanase's looks, least to me, have really gotten so much better this year and perhaps that's because she's getting a bit older though 22 certainly isn't anywhere near being old. Of course Nanase looked quite kawaii at the event as these pics prove, so far no video of the event has been released but there probably will be so will be back later when it comes out. However do have a video after the pics which is a promo one for her appearance in the November issue of Non-no.


  1. thanks for the posts. actually most episodes of nogibingo have been subbed' heres a link to the master list (subbed episodes in green):


  2. Will check that site, thanks for it. Think it was Ikudan who used to do quite a few subbed Nogi shows but they've really slowed down on them.

  3. other groups have picked up where ikudon has slowed down. this is a great forums thread to get new subs. you can browse back through the pages. heres the link: