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Monday, October 3, 2016

Haru: "ON" drama episode seven recap and screenshots

 Air Dates: July 12 to September 6, 2016 Tuesdays at 10:00 pm on Fuji-TV, rating: 7.98%

 This drama also goes by the name "On: Special Agent Hinako Todo"

Main Cast:

Haru as Hinako Todo, rookie detective
Yu Yokoyama as Yasuhisa Shoji, senior detective
Atsuro Watabe as Iwao Atsuta, department's supervisor
Jun Kaname as Keiichiro Kurashima, detective
Kento Hayashi as Tamotsu Nakajima, doctor
Mieko Harada as Taeko Ishigami, medical examiner
Tsutomu Takahashi as Keizo Kataoka, detective
Saku Momose as Ryoshin Shimizu, detective
Ryo Sato as Maki Tsukioka, traffic officer
Shiji Saito as Takeshi Miki, investigator

  Two more episodes to go but will wait until next week to view them as I may be boring some of you out there with these recaps as this is the fifth one in a week. No blabbering tonight as we'll get right to the action, there was no carryover from the previous episode.
 AID is a website that was created for people who seriously wanted to commit suicide. But when an individual first asks for help in doing that deed the leader of the site along with other members try to persuade that person from going through with the act, they truly do try to stop them. And those efforts to stop that troubled person from committing suicide will continue for a while if the poster keeps wishing to end their life.
 But if those efforts fail to help that person then the site will send them a package containing a drug that was popular twenty years ago for killing yourself, that drug is called Biolog. The person is told the drug will send them to a better place and relieve them of all of their miseries but the sender didn't tell them exactly what this miracle drug would do.

 Biolog is a drug which causes a very unpleasant death but at least it's a quick one but that feeling of heaven that was advertised is totally false. As you can see above there have been five of these deaths and Hinako's elite team of detectives has been assigned the case. The team didn't have much success in finding any clues but for once some lucky breaks came their way.
 Hinako often visits a 'Lolita' club for some reason to relax. There the owner says one of her employees is troubled and the owner, 'My Sweet Boss', feels that she may harm herself. That was the case as when Hinako and the boss visited the apartment of the employee Kiria she was on the AID site. This was the first time Hinako had heard of it and after calming Kiria down presented this evidence to the rest of the team.
 The forensic chief Miki decided to be a guinea pig and join the site claiming he was someone who wished to end their life. That didn't go so well as the other members were putting him down and the leader of the site never contacted him. He was eventually kidnapped and beaten but the team was able to discover his locations and was able to rescue him at the very end of the show. However for now the AID site was a dead end but another break befell Hinako.

 Last episode we met a veteran officer named Harashima who worked at a police box. Many years ago his young son was killed by a suicide jumper who had leapt from a building. His wife was completely distraught over the incident and a few years later she also killed herself. Because of those events Harashima is someone who frowns upon those who want to kill themselves, Hinako soon learns the truth about his past.
 Harashima had also made the mistake of telling her some of his thoughts regarding people who wanted to kill themselves, she kept it a secret but he was now the #1 suspect on her list. Hinako is right with her suspicions as Harashima is the owner and leader of the AID site, he does want to help those in need but if they're so determined to kill themselves then he's willing to help them.
 Back to Kiria who has now decided not to kill herself. For some reason Harashima wouldn't hear of it, he broke into her apartment and at gunpoint was trying to force her to drink the Biolog drug. Harashima seems a bit wacky at this point, Kiria is going to die either by his gun or the drug. Hinako had received info that seven people had been sent the drug, five had used it to kill themselves but Kiria was one who hadn't.

 Hinako burst into the apartment in the nick of time but as it turns out there wasn't much she could do to help. Her and Harashima had a long conversation where he confessed all his evil doings but she wouldn't be able to use the confession as now she was his target. Hinako always has carried a knife in her purse for situations like this one, however when she was about to pull it out the knife was gone!
 She seemingly had no chance now as Harashima quickly subdued her and was about to end her life either via his gun or the Biolog drug. Hinako only had a matter of seconds to live when once again she was saved in the nick of time by Shoji, lot of things about him which soon I'll get to. Shoji is quite a fighter and was able to arrest Harashima very quickly and it seems as though this is the end of the episode. it is except for the Shoji tidbits that did and will have a major affect on the last 2 shows.

 For the first six episodes Shoji had an informant named Fujikawa. At the end of the last episode he told Shoji he wouldn't work with him any more unless he got some secret info from the station, also he wanted Hinako's personal file. Shoji was able to do that but soon after Fujikawa was killed by Harashima, you honestly need a scorecard to keep track of all of the killings.
 When Shoji started out at the force Harashima was his mentor and the plans were one day he would take over what Harashima was doing though Shoji wanted no part of any suicide site. Before this final scene Harashima had told Shoji some of Hinako's secrets though we don't know what they were. They had to be serious as the reason Hinako's knife was no longer in her purse was because Shoji had removed it.
 He replaced it with a tape recorder, now after beating Harashima he took the recorder out of Hinako's bag, Harashima's confession was on the tape but also everything Hiano had said during their conversation, she said quite a few things about herself which shouldn't have been revealed and those things could mean an end to her career being a detective.

 In the final seconds as the credits were rolling Shoji showed Hinako the tape and said he had all he needed to end her career as Hinako just stood there gaping. Still can't understand why Shoji hates her that much, for a while they had started to get along but that may have been a ruse by Shoji. With just two episodes left sure they'll be devoted to Shoji trying to get her kicked off the force plus would imagine there's going to be a few more strange murders for the elite team to solve. Didn't mention Nakajima in this recap, he did help a bit with solving the case but he wasn't as much of a factor as in previous cases.
 This was the best episode since the fourth one as the drama got back to it's intensity and suspense. Nice cliffhanger too with Shoji holding the life of Hinako's in his hand, quite a bit will be happening in the last two shows. As mentioned above will be back next week with the those recaps and will do them back to back as it's probably going to be a two-parter. Sure they'll both be superb watches so will say now that this series is highly recommended, not on my top ten all time list but easily the best J-drama I've seen in about two years.

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