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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Nogizaka46: The 'Nanami Hashimoto post' #60.... the 'Nanamin series' part one- 2013(?)!

 For this post not going all the way back to 2012, perhaps in the future that'll happen....

.... that she did and think those unique looks are one of the reasons she quickly became my fave member. Sure many of you have been reading the 'Nogi singles series' posts but besides the singles it's also has a bit of Nogi history. Been noticing there's so many things from 2012 to early 2014 that aren't here, didn't do nearly as many posts of them back then.
 Of course my eyes always fixate on the Nanami pics and especially the ones that aren't here so thought why not have a mini series for her older happenings. Sure if I don't make the posts too huge should easily have 3-4 for 2013 and just about every pic will be one that hasn't been posted here yet, hard to remember every single one that's here. They'll be no order to the posts as far as dates go, just a lot of this and that for the year so guess we can call it a mini 'Nanami history'.

 The group hadn't become superstars back then though their popularity was certainly increasing every day, quite a few happenings for the group in 2013 but not nearly as many as these days. Actually there's no group these days who are as busy or in the spotlight as much as Nogi. Nanami appeared in solo in two dramas back in 2013, have already done many posts about her for the "Bad Boys" drama. Her other series was "Summer Nude" and I really didn't know much about her back then so never talked about her in the posts I did for that drama. Nanami's part wasn't all that huge in the show anyways... perhaps a few things may have been a tad biggish....

 Nanami turned twenty on February 20th, more of my faves were strangely born in that month than any other one. On January 13th she had her 'coming of age' ceremony at the Nogi Shrine, hard to believe but it is the actual name. She was also joined by a few of her devoted fans.

 Up until 2013 there weren't too many Nogi cards for the members or at least not as many as there are these days. There was a big increase of them for 2013 and have a total of about a hundred of Nanami cards for the year but won't post them all now. There should be at least three posts for this year so will break them down into four month brackets. Strangely there was only one card for January so first off then are some for the "Girls Rule" single that wasn't in yesterday's post.

 Nanami back then was like she is today which is only a so-so blogger as she doesn't update it enough and here are a few from the year.

 Won't have too many more things, do have to save a few for the other posts. Will just have one mag spread for today as Nanami looks jaw-dropping in Young Jump #51.

 "Nogizaka Ha" was the title of the group's first photobook and it was released on October 22nd. On the 26th the group had a fan signing event for it but sadly there's no video of it. After being off the charts for almost three years it hit the top ten for a few weeks back in August when their second PB came out, think the first one was the better of the two.
 No video of that event but do have another Nanami one for all of you to enjoy. In April the group had a few CM's released for Megashaki which is an energy drink, the clip has some behind the scenes footage and a message from Nanami.

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