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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Haruka Shimazaki: Some recent happenings....

 For the last few months there's been many rumors about Haruka graduating from AKB, until now none of those rumors were true. However at a AKB promo event on October 3rd Haruka finally announced that the time has come for her to leave the group. Along with many others kind of surprised she's lasted this long, seems as though the last few years with all of the other older members graduating her heart hasn't been with the group as much as it once had.
 Doesn't bother me at all as I wish she had done it sooner, she has a much more promising career as an actress versus being an Idol. Haruka does have asthma which has affected her much more these last few years and she's had to take a few breaks from the group. In her announcement Haruka said she's going to continue on with acting, have info on a drama below, plus she also said she wants to do more voice acting. She's already had the lead role in two horror films along with appearing in a few TV movies, once again think she's made the right decision about leaving.
 Don't know if it's official but her graduation concert is tentatively set for December 26th but often those graduations seem to get dragged on a bit. Haruka will be there for AKB's 46th single coming out next month, no title for it yet but she will be the center. Will keep everyone updated on any more news about the graduation.
 Not too many new things for today though there are quite a few pics. For the last few months Haruka has been a model for 'Heather Diary' which is a website which sells women's clothing, sure she'll continue with them after her graduation. Twice a month she's featured in some new outfits and here are the ones for September.

 That promo event where Haruka made her announcement was for a new group CM for 'Baitoru Next', it's a Japanese work agency. She was joined by a few other members of AKB, think they have 40+ members but to be honest these days can only name about seven of them. Quite a change from years ago as I used to be such a huge fan, not so these days as 90% of my faves have graduated and there's only about four left who I really like. You can tell by the posting I do, there's never any for AKB but there are plenty for Haruka and three other members not including the '48' family. Here are some pics from that event and will post the CM soon as there should be another post coming up for Haruka hopefully this or next week.


 That's the site for Haruka's upcoming drama and that next post for her which I mentioned should be hopefully be for the show. Title of the series is "KeishichouNasi Goreng ka" and it'll be airing on TV-Asahi starting on October 17th at 12:15 am. Don't know much about it except that it's supposed to be some quirky police drama, I'll be checking the show out as these midnight dramas tend to be much better than prime time shows.
 Think Haruka may have gotten the lead role in this drama by winning the actress battle in the AKB 'Horror Night' series which aired about a year ago. Top pic is from the show's site along with some screenshots of a promo video which you can view after the pics.

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